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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Shiryo 30 June, 2022. This guest star,

  • Marcin GornyChief Marketing Officer


Marcin Gorny,
Shiryo project has many elements but at its core, it is a Trading Card Game (TCG) similar to Magic The Gathering, or Hearthstone but it incorporates blockchain elements.

I and the rest of the team played a lot of both computer and physical TCGs in the past and we all loved some of its aspects but some things were missing between the two.
In physical tabletop, TCGs players own their cards but they have to meet in person so it is quite limiting. On the other hand, Computer Card Games like Hearthstone are easier to find the opponent to play against but the cards aren’t owned by the players, they can’t do anything besides use them in the game.

In our game, each Card is an NFT.
That opens all sorts of possibilities and opportunities for the players.
Ease to play against many different players BUT also possibility to sell/borrow your cards to others combined

Our core team has helped many blockchain projects to make their ideas come to light in the past. However we always felt if we teamed up, we could create something greater and here we are 🤗.


Can you instruct how to “Gameplay Mode Shiryo”? What are the requirements needed to start playing Shiryo?

Marcin Gorny,
There are no requirements to start playing. Each player will be rewarded 50 free cards(non NFT) upon the account creation.

The gameplay is similar to Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. However we have included major changes making our game unique. You can read more about that here:

Can you tell us how a player can use his deck cards to create powerfull cards? What are the perks of owning a Shiryo card?

Marcin Gorny,
There are multiple powerful combinations in our cards, many different strategies to win the game. We are leaving it to players to find what works best within the game.

Shiryo card owners will be able to play them in our game or borrow their cards to other players for profit and of course you can sell the nft cards too 😀

What are the real usecases SHIRYO token in your ecosystem? Do you have a staking feature?

Marcin Gorny,
Our token is heavily used in our game ecosystem. Players will be able to use the tokens to vote for the game balance changes, stake the tokens to receive NFT cards, borrow cards and decks, pay for the assets in our metaverse or participate in tournaments 😎

Can you shared Shiryo roadmap? Any exciting news or updates with regards to Shiryo that you would like to share with us here?

Marcin Gorny,
This year we are aiming for(among other things):
-Alpha and Beta Tcg Launch.
-Shiryoverse land sale.
-Shiryo Dao launch.
-Concept art NFT auction.
-Shiryo Manga release.


The current market conditions create uncertainty and increase the level of vulnerability that scares investors, how can you mitigate and deal with the effects of these conditions so that your project can come out of the water and be sustainable in the long term?

Marcin Gorny,
We have created a sustainable system where our revenue comes from couple different sources so we always have funds for further development. Most of other games are diluting their supply to give players more tokens and that eventually leads to a collapse. In Shiryo our primary rewards will be in card packs. Cards have varied rarity and this creates scarcity for the rarer cards making them more valuable. Even if players would get only common cards they will be able to burn them for another chance for a rare card. 🙂

I understand that the game cards in NFT Shiryo are classified as Beast Cards, Spell Cards and Element Cards but what is the difference and what is the advantage of these Beast Cards, Spell Cards and Element Cards? Why should players buy the most expensive game cards?

Marcin Gorny,
There is no direct advantage for any of the card types. To win against others, the player has to use a combination of all three. 😉

Regarding why someone would want to buy more expensive cards — the better chances the card gives to win the game the higher demand for that card will be. 🙂

Shiryo is an online collectible card game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. But with all the problems we know about this network, what has led them to use it as the core technology for Shiryo? Do you plan to integrate new networks like BSC, Polygon or others into Shiryo?

Marcin Gorny,
Ethereum has the biggest reach so it was an obvious choice for us because we want to have the biggest player base and community possible. Although we know about eths troubles, we have launched our nft cards on Polygon as well. Our cards and the marketplace are both available on Ethereum and Polygon Networks.😎

Reading your roadmap I found that you will be launching ShiryoDAO and enabling community-driven updates to the game, what will this process look like? Through what means will your community be able to propose and vote on ideas?

Marcin Gorny,
Shiryo DAO will work in a way where $SHIRYO token holders will be able to vote on what changes in game balance should take place. The more Shiryo tokens you hold the more voting power you have.
The voting will take place on our dedicated platform on our dApp it will be soon available here

I believe security is one of the most important to consider before investing in a Project. So, can you tell us what are the security measures does Shiryo have done so far? Have you done your audit? Would you mind to share it with us?

Marcin Gorny,
Here is our Certik audit

We have passed it with a very high score 😀

Besides that our game devs have implemented anti-cheat mechanisms in the game itself. You can read more about it here:


Do the token holders have right to the participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?Congratulations, I am very glad your project works.

Marcin Gorny,
Yess ! as i previously mentioned we are soon launching a Shiryo DAO. Its primary function is to vote on game balance changes but it will also serve for other things. For example our first vote will decide what to spend funds on raised from NFT concept arts sales🤗.

I AM INTERESTED to investigation in your project. When and where can i buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

Marcin Gorny,
You can buy $SHIRYO on UNISWAP, Lbank, Mexc, and Bitmart.

Today’s games set entry fees inaccessible to many, so its community is limited. My question is, to access Shiryo is it necessary to pay any entry fee? How have you managed to ensure that this system does not limit its growth and adoption?

Marcin Gorny,
To start playing you will only need to create an account. You will get 50 free non NFT cards to start playing. If you will like the game after that you could start buying your own cards or borrowing them from the game or other players.

Sir, please tell me 
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?
Sir, please answer my question? Thanks Sir ✅

Marcin Gorny,
Best way is to follow our telegram announcement channel:

I’m curious and want to know, How can I play the games? Is there any tutorial or is it possible to play demo to get more familiar with the games before investing our money into it?

Marcin Gorny,
The game isnt put yet but it will be available to download on our website:
All informations on how to play the game are also available there 😀

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