What challenges in the crypto space would Xodex aims to solve and solution will given?
Let’s talk about the Xodex ecosystem, what are Xodex core products/features?
Can you tell us about the Xodex token, what are the usecases on platform? What blockchains will Xodex support?
Can you share Codex roadmap? Any exciting news or updates with regards to Xodex that you would like to share with us here?


We all know the market is bad. Most projects have either delayed listing or failed. That’s why the investor started not to look at blockchain. Will the XODEX team be successful despite the bad market conditions? How do you plan to protect the investor from these conditions?
Along with the Zero fees and NFT marketplace, XODEX is also a startup Launchpad. As a launchpad, What are the top features that encourage an entrepreneur to deploy their project through XODEX? Do you have lending protocols for small initiator?Please convey us more about launchpad
I read that there will be a 12% buy and sell tax on XODEX that will be used to bet bounties and support product development. How will they prevent this fee from limiting adoption of their platform? If XODEX is a zero-fee project, why has this 12% fee been included?
Regarding the NFT marketplace feature, can you tell us in more detail about your NFT Marketplace? What will be provided there? Will your marketplace support NFT asset exchange?
What companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in XODEX future?


XODEX is a zero fee high-speed blockchain ecosystem. Since your ecosystem is free, where does XODEX generate revenue from? What kind of revenue does XODEX generate to keep the project going?
Why were the charitable donations that were initially reflected in the Xodex token economy eliminated?
Please tell me,How can I buy your tokens right now?Andwhich wallet support your token?thanks
Xodex can achieve a TPS of up to 100k, with POA consensus. How powerful is this consensus to achieve high scalability? If Even the ETH network, it has not been able to solve the scalability problem? Why do you think the POA consensus can solve the scalability problem?
STAKING program is very important for every project? Can i stake your Token? Do you have any plan of starting Staking programme? plz tell us sir?



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