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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with TokLok 6 July, 2022. This guest star,

  • Paulina Woźniak-KołodziejCEO TokLok


Paulina Woźniak,
as I said, it is the only fully encrypted communicator in the world. Communication takes place between phones. even we as owners do not have access to your correspondence.

I will give You an example. Now we are talking on Telegram. Using the telegram, you have information every day that someone from your phone book joined the telegram, it is nothing else than the fact that the telegram has access to your data on the phone. Toklok is not working on that way. We are not collecting any database.


What distinguishes TokLok from other instant messengers? What are the advantages of TokLok? What is the guarantee that TokLok will not misuse your user data?

Paulina Woźniak,
That it is encrypted really . We are not collecting any data that means that we can’t use it. And it never happened. Next step is that we want to do something very innovative and exclude the obligation to use the internet.

Only first person who’s buying workspace give us the number but it is encrypted too knows who she or he invites to their workspace.

TokLok plan is to implement the communicator in government and non-government institutions. Then, how will TokLok manage to comply with the necessary regulations to get your DApp adopted by relevant institutions to achieve a better status and adoption for TokLok?

Paulina Woźniak,
you can download applications now from the appstore and googleplay but if some government or institutions want to use it for themselves and have it put on their infrastructure, we can also do it. Then they have additional guarantees.

Can you tell us about the TokLok token, what are the usecases on platform? What blockchains will TokLok support?

Paulina Woźniak,
We are online on AppStore and Google play you could try Toklok. Because our project is very innovative, we decided to release tokens in order to develop the project further and share the profits from the project. We are based on Ethereum. . Everything is on our platform.

What are some major milestones achieved TokLok since launch and what should we expect in the coming months?

Paulina Woźniak,
First of all, we are online and our tokens are on the Lbank exchange from tomorrow. we have more and more users and people who buy Tokens.

We also have signed contracts with other exchanges and we will be building a huge value.


I read that TokLok offers transparency reporting. But what is a transparency report? How will this help them review company operations that specifically affect privacy or freedom of expression, internal rules as well as community guidelines and terms of service?

Paulina Woźniak,
firstly, we have the application regulations that tell about how we operate, and secondly, full legal opinions of lawyers. we will also provide the next step, if anyone wishes, to provide an application fusion report from our developers. the application code is not available anywhere like other messengers which means no one has access to it.

For potential investors in tokens it is very good because it is a guarantee that the application will not be broken or will still be unique. According to research, the code is protected for a minimum of 100 years.

The application does not collect, and therefore does not store any information about users or their correspondence. What happens if users want to retrieve information already deleted from their device? What are the opportunities for TokLok to recover information?

Paulina Woźniak,
Sorry but any opportunities. Very short answer. I will give you an example again.

If you want send me some pictures on telegram or WhatsApp and I am not online you can do this and this picture is waiting for me on their servers.

On Toklok I will receive only information that you want to send me the picture and you can send only if I am online because we don’t use for this any servers that means we are not collecting anything.

The current market conditions create uncertainty and increase the level of vulnerability that scares investors, how can you mitigate and deal with the effects of these conditions so that your project can come out of the water and be sustainable in the long term?

Paulina Woźniak,
Because we are innovative and one that project in the world! Second because we are really project and we are not scam !!!! We have real app in AppStore and Googleplay! And we are investing now our resources in application development all the time and marketing and we have a team that is still working on the application.

AppStore and Google made some reviews our app! If someone wants to growing up with us it will be only success!

You said that $TOL tokens will be offered to early investors for three rounds of sales. 1st round is already live & offers the lowest price. The price will increase for 2nd round, maximally during the 3rd round. How can we participate?

Paulina Woźniak,
Today you can bay it on our website :

Tomorrow it will be on Lbank !

To start the TokLok application we must have a number of $TOL tokens, as TokLok users increase, token holders will also increase and this will be very beneficial for all. But nowadays many people use whatsapp, so how to get their attention and make them switch to using TokLok?

Paulina Woźniak,
If you want use app you can to do this now from AppStore and Google play and you have it for free for 7 days.

If you will buy tokens you have an access free for livetime. If you will buy tokens you have 30 % profit share per year from the application and 8% for a banking year.


Is Your project A COMMUNITY only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Paulina Woźniak,
No we are translated for many languages!

My Question:
Do you have a whitepaper?
If you have, Please share it with us.
Lastly, Do you have plans for pre-sale?

Paulina Woźniak,
The white paper is online on our website all the time :

From TOKLOK to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important Next priorities in the near future?

Paulina Woźniak,
Next big step is using Toklok whiteout internet !!!💪💪💪

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term…?

Paulina Woźniak,
You are right so in that case we are cooperating with the best marketing company!!!

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