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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with MT Tower 6 October, 2022. This guest star,

  • Michał WojciechowskiCPO
  • Gary SzlatinerADVISOR


Michael Wojciechowski,
So I’ll grab it firt. I’m COO and co creator of MT Tower since 8 moonths I’m developing this project with partners on board. I’m 10 years in advertising experience within digital advertising agencies worldwide such as DENTSU. For the past 4 years I have been working for the gaming and metaverse industry. I was participating and leading metaverses projects for clients as Roblox, Decentraland, Minecraft, Vodafone, Microsoft.

Gary | MT Tower,
Sure, My name is Gary, I have 20 years of international senior marketing, business development, and operational experience across industries including iGaming, gaming / esports, and the last 6 years within the blockchain industry working with projects in the NFT, DeFi, ecommerce, mining, crypto, and many other areas. In MT Tower I work closely with the remaining core team to drive the project forward in terms of marketing, comms, partnerships and any other area that will benefit it.


MT Tower is a lifestyle and gaming platform that allows users to make new social connections, but how can you create a user experience using Web3 technology? Can you talk about MT Tower differences that allow to stay in this market for a long time?

Gary | MT Tower,
Sure I can take this one.

First some background: MT Tower is both a lifestyle and gaming platform allowing people to make new social connections, meet brands, and create their own world. Users will run life as an avatar, and some even as virtual influencers and — what happens in MT Tower — can also be shared on all social media platforms. We want to break the rules of traditional social media, and bring people a new Web 3.0 / metaverse social platform with culture, engagement, virtual experiences, and content such as art for them to create their own fame and influence. MT Tower is aiming to expand beyond existing social platforms, and has the ability to do just that with tokens, entertainment, and immersive experiences. It is driving the way forward for Social Media 3.0. In the beginning we will still maintain connections with web Web2 platforms so that people can share their items from our ecosystem. That will also help ease people into our world and not “force” them allowing for higher chances of adoption.

The real value of the project and why we aim to stay in the market for the years to come is all about “REALS” so to speak :-). We have REAL investors on board, a REAL experienced team, REAL dev house to build the product, a REAL focus & vision as well as a REAL solution to evolving social media and community into what we are calling Social Media 3.0 (i.e. going beyond just video, images, and text) and we have REAL good results so far in our presale considering that it is still a crypto winter, showing us there is REAL support and belief in this project.

In addition to the above: we have worked on the product with a lot of research involved and created ways that will engage users more naturally, plus are developing a system to quantify influence and measure it more accurately. Also, we have put though into the numerous avenues that avatars can be customized, their graphics (what you see on our videos is the MINIMUM you will see in the live product), and how brands can “touch” users …

All transactions within the MT Tower will be carried out using MT tokens. Taking into account that nowadays many tokens lose value rapidly, what will support the value of MT tokens? how will you make your token increase in value sustainably and organically?

Michael Wojciechowski,
I’ll take this one.

The MT Tower token will be the fuel and currency of the ecosystem. Within the MT Tower metaverse there will be plenty of ways to both collect and distribute this token. From buying new gear for your avatar to even selling it off, everything will be based on MT Token. We mentioned brands will have new ways to promote themselves and that can also include commerce, i.e. buying a brands item immediately from MT Tower. Again, MT Token will support that. In the future we are also looking into other benefits of the MT Token and will always aim to announce them on our official channels.

The best way to acquire MT Tokens is via our final round pre-sale (happening right now). This is the last opportunity to purchase our MT Tokens at a favorable price of $0.03 before we list with a soon to be announced top exchange at the starting price of $0.04 on 13th October. We encourage you from today already to open up an account with our launchpad here: as you can ONLY purchase our token in the presale from this interface. Plus, it keeps you up to date with updates and provides other details.

MT Tower announced 3rd seed round funding for investors which begin on October 3–10 of this month. What do you expect the results of this round to be, taking into account the results of the past rounds? What goals have you set for this?

Gary | MT Tower,
I will grab this one.

So as already mentioned, we have people who believe in what we are doing. In the First & Second rounds, we managed to raise around $1 Million USD in MT Token Equivalent without any marketing or promotional push as you can read in our media like this:

Our THIRD AND FINAL round started on Monday, and thanks in part to our marketing and community driven efforts, in 48 hours we managed to make over 40% of our goal already! I would say we already exceeded our base case soft cap scenario and we are aiming — with your help of course — to get that to at least over 50%! There are just under 4 days left in this sale now and next will be a CEX listing.

What is your top priority for 2022?

Michael Wojciechowski,
I’ll take this one 🙂

This year we already achieved our publicly presented milestones to date including building a strong experienced team as well as the soft launch of our website and launchpad. In next few weeks we will be listed on a top exchange (aim is 13th October) as well as aiming to more formally introduce a partnership with Polygon and few other that for now we need to keep confidential. Of course right now, we want to wrap up the pre sale of the MT Token with its final round before listing. It is the last opportunity to buy it at a preferred price of $0.03 per token and again, an account needs to be created here: … we cannot stress enough how critical this MT Token will be to the ecosystem and how much utility it will have.

In the first half of the next year we are aiming to deploy the avatar creator module and kick off the development cycle throughout 2023 which will see the metaverse itself being built out.

So there are very exciting times ahead for us and our community.


Today’s audience is looking for a new platform with a new approach to engagement with culture, virtual, art, brands and people. With this in mind, what are the tools that the MT Tower team has introduced to meet these new needs and provide an ALL-IN-ONE system with MT Tower?

Michael Wojciechowski,
I’ll take this one.

We feel that first the fact that we are actually using web3.0 and metaverse to evolve the social media / community 2.0 platforms into the Social Media 3.0 era with more on offer in terms of engagement is already a huge deal. That shows we are actually solving a challenge and actually have a real vision (not just another metaverse with no purpose). Spending time on the functionality and purpose as well as the look and feel of the avatars is another one. We don’t want another plain looking experience to launch but rather to use this technology to its full potential. Finally, we thought of the touchpoints for brands and how they will express them themselves and their products in this ecosystem. Basically developing out a plan and not just forcing in something unnaturally which is what we see going on right now. There is more, but those already are quite huge in their own right.

MT Tower is working on gathering partner with top brands and entities and work closely with them to spread the word about MT Tower. So Any influencers are already on board? Do you have a expanding close network of investors with whom you are engaging?

Gary | MT Tower,
This is a challenge.
as the short answer is yes but here comes the longer explanation 😊 …

The team here have been and continue to engage in deep conversations with various industry influencers, celebrities, sports superstars and — of course — top brands as well as industry partners. As it will take some time to launch our product, we have to match timelines here: on one hand we have serious interest as our presale and foundation already shows, but on the other we have longer product timelines. We have full confidence by the way we will launch products as there are 30 people on this project full on further supported by around 100 more. Metaverses — especially ours — take time to build so we are in talks with how to even further launch parts of the product in mini phases to get some of these large players on board. Until then, I’m afraid — due to NDAs / confidentiality — we cannot reveal. We can say we have a coop agreement in place with Polygon, a right fit for our product and also with a large exchange as well (announcement this week). From the brands side, we did recently reveal our early stage cooperation with Philipp Plein (see below) and more to come as and when we can. We recommend joining at least our telegram for more updates …

Philipp Plein joining the MT Tower Family.

Your roadmap by Q3 2023 says, You will launch the Avatar app V1. Have you already launched this Version one? Addition to that, You will launch the MT Tower Lobby. What will be the Tower lobby? When exactly we can expect it to be launched?

Michael Wojciechowski,
I’ll answer for this one.

First step is to launch our avatar app and give it to our influncers / players. We want to have test enviroment ready at the begining of the next year than when we will be sure everything goes well we will promote Avatar App with plenty of customisation options with influencers. So Avatar App is first step second one is to create lobby that wil bring minigames, interactions and we want to deliver it end of 2023 for a wider audience.

What are the advantages of MT Tower ? I believe security is one of the most important to consider before investing in a Project. So can you tell us what are the security measures does #MTtower have done so far? Have you done your audit ? Would you mind to share it with us?

Gary | MT Tower,

So the thing about answer security questions is we still cannot give a full answer as that would then defeat the whole purpose of security 😃 but we do incorporate best practice and high standards when handling everything from the website to MT token which includes but is not limited to implementing the following security gates:

- mandatory access control for data and services
- services isolation
- traffic monitoring with throttling mechanism
- network level intrusion detection system, with alerting interface and analysis engine — both signature and anomaly based
- web application firewall for supply of statistics as well as detection of possible intrusion and application errors
- server and application metric collection with analytic interface and logs (and anomaly) recording
- honeypot services

Also MT Token has undergone an audit found here:

After presale stage is complete, will MT token be launched to the market or you will wait for the moment when crypto market stabilizes? If you had a choice, which exchange would you like to listing?

Gary | MT Tower,
i can also do this one.

We are aiming to go with a live listing on 13th October and not wait. We feel that the crypto winter is starting to thaw and maybe we are even entering a golden crypto autumn 😃 and we just need to keep pushing ahead to get ready to ride the bull run WHEN it returns. Projects waiting right now will stand a less likely chance of being around in the future. When it comes to which exchange we would like to be on in the future, the question should be exchanges plural 😊 …. there is of course the popular response: Binance and — while we are aiming to list there down the line of course — we have a strategy to work with multiple quality exchanges as they each have something to offer MT Token and that will start next week!


I am interested in creating a brand on your platform, do you provide services such as advertising, promoters, etc. to promote my brand? I’d also really like to collaborate with influencers/celebs, are you planning to put together a Brand x Influencer Collaboration event?

Gary | MT Tower,
I can take this one.

Eventually we will automate the experience further for brands and how they work within MT Tower but — until then — we are doing offline discussions and preparations with prospective partners .. if you are interested in cooperating, please DM one of us.

Pretty much every single investor purchases the token for the short term, indifferent to its long-term potential So how could you convince us that holding this $MT token would be more profitable in the long run and what are your plans to raise the $MT token’s demand and scarcity?

Gary | MT Tower,
I can also answer this one .. first, we have a vesting period in place to stem any sort of “dumping” as can be read here: add to that we will be introducing not only traditional staking but also numerous outlets within the metaverse to benefit from HODLing the token. Finally, MT Token will be the sole currency to transact within MT Tower as well as with anyone trying to sell anything within it. We are continuing to dedicate a significant portion of time to further expand the MT Token feature set and will communicate that via our official channels when we can.

Currently, Market Situated Is Very Bad , Do You Agree With me , So May I know Wihat Is Your STiRATEGY in this BEAR MARKET
Is META TOWER Project Also Affiected by this BAD MARKET ?

Michael Wojciechowski,
Will take this one.

Great question. Already in our early stages, we are backed with strong and passionate investors. We also have strong industry marketing and growth experience on board. As a result we have a solid budget here to not only promote the project in its current stage but also in the future. In addition to fundamental SoMe & community channels, we are also working to partner with top brands and entities and work closely with them to spread the word about MT Tower. We also have a expanding close network of investors with whom we are engaging.

On the MT Tower website, I read about the Ambassador Program. How can we join the Ambassador Program?What are the rewards for this program? There are 3 types of ambassador roles — CONTENT CREATOR, PROMOTIONAL AMBASSADOR, WRITER. So tell us more about the roles and differences.

Gary | MT Tower,
And I will grab this one.

We launched our Ambassador program this week already and people can sign up here: and indeed there are 3 categories Content are for the people that will go out there and creat & post quality content for MT Tower, Promotional are the people spreading the MT Tower news and writer is creating and posting SEO friendly content … we will pay based on type and quality of work as everything gets verified by our team. Payment will be made in MT Tokens which is another way to give it a utility but also great as it will soon be listed

I read that MT Tower wants to complete the MT token pre-sale with the final round to come before listing. Can you provide more information about the MT token presale, such as the presale price and the duration of the sale? Do I need KYC to participate?

Gary | MT Tower,
We are currently just under 4 days to go before the current FINAL presale round is over. We are selling MT Token at a preferential rate of $0.03 per token before we list on 13th October at a higher starting price. To purchase MT Token right now, please create a free launchpad account over here: and from within the platform you can track how the presale is going as well as purchase MT Token.

Also, for this AMA community we are happy to extend a promotional offer:
*But at least 2000 MT token (60USDT)
*We will give you 40% additional token which will be credited manually at a later stage
*The bonus is capped at 40,000 MT Tokens
*Just mention to us that you got this offer from Infinity Chain AMA
*It is valid until 7th October 12:00 PM CET
*Other Terms & Conditions apply

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