Thank you to the Infinity Chain Club for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Blaze Network on December 16, 2020. This guest star,

1. Amanda Shucks
2. Code Yellow


Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
I’m Anna from Blaze Network. I’m into Crypto since 2017.

I’m learning crypto, blockchains and many other things. And now I’m into DeFi space!

Team Blaze Network got me into this project. We come up with a good project concept since their main network goes DeFi!

And now, I’m here to share and spread the word for better understanding about Blaze DeFi and it’s ecosystem.

- Team Blaze Network

Amanda | Blaze Network,
I’m Amanda, Marketing manager of the Blaze Network with over 8 years of experience in the industry, Our brilliancy in the industry has made us stand out in the short period of our presence

Q1. Can you provide a simple description Blaze Network, how did you get idea create Blaze Network?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze Network come from the word “Blaze” means shining across the stars and it’s network under Ethereum.

It’s about being a 1 stop shop in Crypto and also in Decentralized Finance.

And also, value one’s worth by using deflationary assets who supports it’s ecosystem and foundations.

Q2. What are the advantages of Blaze Network that makes it unique compared to competitors?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze Network deliver such an actual and working product.

Blaze wallet app.
We have two assets.


BLZN will be used as betting token for gambling. It’s already been listed on several exchanges. It’s also listed on Coingecko and CMC.
We have DeFi feature, the Blaze DeFi where the launch went very successful.
And also, our community and investors are very supportive.

Q3. Blaze network has two tokens $BLZN and $BNFI. What benefit does Blaze network get launching two tokens? How do you make sure it captures the value of the ecosystem you are building? how much supply is available?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Okay, I will explain this.

Blaze Network main asset is BLZN and Blaze DeFi token asset is BNFI.

BLZN will be used in the entire ecosystem, including “betting token for online casino (for gambling) and soon to be new feature (marketplace).

While BNFI offers:
* Multi staking: 1. Staking v1 (Yield farming) and 2. Fixed APY staking (Q1 2021).

Can be used in Gaming App, Borrow/Lend for exchange to BNFI and other crypto (stable coins).

BLZN and BNFI holders will have a chance to join liquidity staking v1 (yield farming).

Rewards will be multiple:
1. wETH

Join @BlazeDeFi to buy and stake.

BNFI total supply left is about 81,400 BNFI and decreasing in real time! As long as it goes down more! Circulation will be much thinner and gradually price will increase!

Leaving more ETH in the pool, that’s why yield farming is very great. Hope you will get the concept guys.

Q4. Can you describe about the Blaze Network wallet app? How safe and strong?

Amanda | Blaze Network,
The Blaze wallet is the Unique Storage of Crypto asset associated with the Blaze Network, It is the first working product of the Blaze Network. For storing countless numbers of Tokens, and different asset.

One made unique thing about the wallet is the ability to connect and trade right away as its compatible with the uniswap Exchange
Also its built along and an all in one Marketplace this means, You can also trade and buy goods and services right from the Wallet
Betting also enclove the platform, As you’re likely to place a bet right from the wallet
Security is guarantee, And its been improved on a daily basics. So your safety in using the Wallet its ever sure

Q5. Could you tell us about Blaze Network roadmap for the present and the future? How far has this project been developed?

Amanda | Blaze Network,
Talking about Project development as Far as the Road Map is concerned , Blaze Network is mostly fast ahead of time, Delivering of Tangible and unique things. a lot of things are always being developed, Which I can not really share at the moment. But I can assure you that according to our road map, we’ve achieved over 95% of our road map for the 2020 and we’re looking forward for completion of things and look ahead for the big occasion of 2021. For the delivery of superb products and and quality service, Includes Games and casino and more improvement of the project


Q1. BLZN and BNFI tokens were both deflationary. It burns on every
transactions. How much is the burning rate, does it lead to a future maximum supply?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze Network (BLZN) and Blaze DeFi (BNFI) have both deflationary assets.

1. BLZN got 2% burn rate
2. BNFI got 5% burn rate

We’ve launched BNFI just days ago! CMC and Coingecko listed.
The burning stops when 10,000 BNFI left.
BNFI new total supply now is 81,400 BNFI. Almost 20% burned from it’s initial total supply of 100,000 BNFI.
I’m addition
The potential and the increase of value for Both token is much more appreciate. Hence the burning mechanism is apply and everyone likes it, this means the asset needs to be hold firmly well and value, Rather than sending and transfer

Q2. Blaze DeFi is one of the features of Blaze Network. Can you explain the Blaze Network’s Staking and Yield Farming Model?Is there a time limit and token lock when we are farming and how do you convince us that it is safe to farm in Blaze Defi ?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze DeFi (BNFI) is one of the features of Blaze Network (BLZN).

Staking v1 is live! It is a yield farming using deflationary assets.

BLZN and BNFI holders will have a chance to join staking! Please read steps here.

Rewards will be multiple:
1. wETH
2. BLZN-ETH (both shares)
3. BLZN-BNFI (both shares)
4. BNFI-ETH (both shares)

You can stake and unstake it anytime! Just make sure you have enough earnings and rewards.

We placed our staking pool in Balancer which is very trustworthy platform. It’s Permissionless and censorship. It’s in your hands, and not with us.

Please take time to read guys. BNFI is a gem 💎, new staking tiers in Q1 2021.
Team tokens locked 🔐
Staking reserves locked 🔐
Mint function — false
Don’t fall for FUD, Team Finance is a legit and trusted platform

View it here.

To see is to believe, proof of lock. No hack exploit and no mint.

Q3. Currently, mobile applications are in great demand because they can be accessed anywhere and with an easy interface. Regarding your Blaze Wallet, which tokens is currently supported by your wallet? Is it user friendly? Can I connect Blaze Wallet to Uniswap?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Yes, Blaze Network actually have actual and working product. The blaze wallet app.
Blaze App Wallet is available on Google Play Store. @BlazeDeFi

It’s user friendly, it’s a non-custodial wallet. Your assets are safe.

Yeah, it has its own Dapps. It can connect to Uniswap. Try it now.
Upgrade will be in Q1 2021. You can use it now, very safe.

Amanda | Blaze Network,
Oh yes, the blaze wallet is an ERC 20 Compitable , The Mobile application is being worked upon, and it will be made for easy accessibility. Yes you can connect it straight to the Uniswap for easy trading

Q4. Do you think that having a total supply of “low” tokens, contributes to the exclusivity of your project and at the same time, to the strengthening and success of your project? Why did you decide precisely 100,000 and not more?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze DeFi got 100,000 BNFI as it’s initial total supply. Since it has 5% burn rate, it go down to 81,500 BNFI.

The project Concept is good, it really supports it’s main “Blaze Network”.

Staking model is also great. BLZN and BNFI have a chance to join staking (yield farming) in the same pool using 1 uni-v2 but earn multiple rewards.
It will strengthen more since tokens are burning, it decreases the supply.

It leads to more scarcity which makes BNFI circulation thinner. It will leave more ETH in the pool, that’s why yield farming is great.

Buy BNFi and stake today.
We will create demand so price will gradually go up.

Amanda | Blaze Network,
Well, Our project isn’t focusing on total Supply. But it helps to contribute to the value, We’re on a different movement of our very own, And right now the stability of the Token Price and delivery of our working product is what is really matter, But you’ve got to keep in mind, the more burning, the more improvement of Price

Q5. What is your strategy in facing large crypto market & innovation competition? dealing with investors to continue trading BNFI & BLZN, attract non-crypto investors, new partnerships & increase market liquidity? How do you convince all of this, survive & prove that very promising?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze Network delivers such product, like Blaze Wallet App.

BLZN will be used as betting token for gambling (online casino).

Marketplace (on works)

And it’s going DeFi (BNFI)
We managed to get listed on CMC and Coingecko in just few days, Proof of locks 🔐 were showed.

We do max promotions and marketing, with 4 AMA this week. This will help gain more exposure and trust to current and future investors.
Staking v1 is live as well! We will maintain peace and presence on our community.
And lastly, we will focus on developing and making more accomplishments to sustain high rating to many Fans (Crypto users) around the world.

You #support we deliver!

Some investors and influencers invest on BNFI and they promote it actually without hiring them. We will make BNFI 100% community driven.
It’s in our hands guys! The success of the team and project will be your success!
Buy and stake BNFI! Let’s earn together, done ✅.

Amanda | Blaze Network,
We ain’t here to compete with anyone , and our innovative idea is sure to stand out, and our marketing strategy is non questionable , our achievement in the past few days is sure to speak out and answer any question of integrity in your minds


Q1. @Uamos

What unique aspects make Blaze Wallet stand out? How is it different from Trust Wallet or Metamask?

Amanda | Blaze Network,
Awesome Question.
The metamask is Unique no Doug about it, But the Blaze Network has a special Trading Marketplace which is not available in other platforms, it can also be connect for Betting, Gaming and Casino. This features makes it so unique and super highly standard. Couple with our security system , Blaze Wallet is the real deal for your Crypto asset storage

Q2. @tv100029

What’s the difference between staking V1 and staking V2 ? How do I get Uniswap V2 tokens?Is there any fee or deduction to unlock assets before the lock period?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Blaze DeFi offers Multi staking.
1. Staking v1 is live!
- It’s a yield farming using Deflationary assets. Where you must put liquidity in Uniswap first to get Uni-v2 then stake in on our Balancer pool.

Useful links here

Rewards will be:
1. wETH
2. BLZN-ETH (both shares)
3. BLZN-BNFI (both shares)
4. BNFI-ETH (both shares)

Staking V2 is Fixed APY!
You stake one asset, you will get one asset. That is normal staking but it’s based on mined per blocks.

They are both beneficial to the project. Join @BlazeDeFi. Buy BNFI and stake today.

Q3. @starshades007

DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us?
Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?
What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

Amanda | Blaze Network,
Defi as you have said, its become the hottest topic and most acceptable in the industry with countless possibilities, so yes its a great one and a plus to the crypto industry.

Defi can not destroy the existing financial system, Rather in all its ways defi is here to improve the financial system by taken it to the next level.

We’re here in the Defi world. And we ain’t gonna stop. We are not just coming here. But to also improved the industry as well

Q4. @Pannicota

Hi @CrypticGirl
Every new DeFi projects come out always have their UNIQUE ideas/advantages for users to differ them with others projects so can you tell me what is the UNIQUE ultilities/features on Blaze Defi?

Code Yellow ll Blaze Network,
Yes, Blaze DeFi has it’s unique features.

Blaze DeFi offers:
1. Multi staking (staking v1 and V2)
2. Decentralized Gaming App
3. Exchange Widgets
4. Borrow/Lending.

As per roadmap! Staking v1 is live! Staking V2 will be live in Q1 2021.

Good accomplishments happen!

Q5. @shabir_bin_abdulkareem

#Blaze_Wallet now available on play store , have you any plan to add it on App_Store, or is there any other way’s to download on ios device?

Amanda | Blaze Network,
We have a plan towards develop an acceptable one for the IOS Device, but for now its not available yet, thou development is ongoing, Don’t be left behind if you have an Android devices, give the wallet a try and get back to us concerning your experience and your feedback thank you

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