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Thank you to the Infinity Chain Club for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with WISERCASH on February 3, 2021. This guest star,

  • Daniell — CEO


Feel free to call me Dan, I am the CEO of Wiser Cash

Q1: Could you please give us a simple introduction of WiserCash? What’s the motivation for starting build WiserCash?

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the project named “WISE”, WISE has penalty for unstake and reward for referral.

Those are what we find most interesting elements about WISE, so we decided to enhance those 2 brilliant elements.

Penalty and referral system will enhanced in Wiser. If user decided to unstake, the penalty will be 70%, the liquidity will goes into liquidity pool to add liquidity.

And Wiser reward is also much bigger than WISE, user will received 10% staked lp as reward.

which means everyone can get commission without staking.

Q2. What makes WiserCash special? How is WiserCash better than other platforms?

Well, we all know that the community is the backbone of the project.

and we think referral system is an very helpful tool to expand the community.

Each community members will have motivation to invite others to join Wiser community, expand the community and get paid fairly.

The Wiser referral system reward people generously if they help grow the community.

We believe through referral system, Wiser will be outstanding.

Dev team will not be the only one to draw awareness, each community member can do that and get reward if they do so.

Q3. What are the Business Objectives, Market and Target audience of WiserCash?

We understand the liquidity and daily volume are important to an project.

We also encourage people to invite others to trade WISER.

Our very first objective is to gain an spectacular volume, half million a day will be our target.

Every crypto lover can be our audience, There is also more promotion plan on the way.

So the final goal for Wiser are 5000 holders and listed on CEX.

Q4. Can you explain about the utility & use-cases $WISER token? What benefits can we get if we hold $WISER token?

First of all, we would like to enhance Wiser community, so we decided to enhance the unstake penalty.

If you decided to unstake and leave, 70% of your liquidity will goes into the liquidity pool to reward others.

User can take 10% liquidity back, and there is 10% liquidity stay in the mining pool mining forever, cause you will be part of the community forever.

We understand this mechanism is brutal, but with this brutal mechanism, the liquidity and token price will always pumping, and each community members can benefit from it.

Without the brutal rules to hold people together, there won’t be an strong community.

People may not like it first, but as long as they stay in the community, they will love it eventually.

Q5. Can you tell about WiserCash roadmap for the present and the future? How far has WiserCash been developed?

We been following WISE since last year, we would love to make an different version of WISE.

The plan has been made month ago, and we been working on it every minute.

But I can assure you that was just tip of iceberg.

Wiser has 18 initial mining pools and more pools in the future, we would love to bring different people together.

Wiser final target is hit on CEX, but you can’t listed on CEX without liquidity.

With the help of each community members, we believe Wiser liquidity will x5 within a month.

With the help of referral system, we believe it will boost Wiser all the way to the moon!


Q1. WISER does not hold a presale. How do investors buy WISER tokens? And how does WISER make sales?


WISER is a liquidity mining project. Our users can mint WISER tokens through providing liquidity.

The initial amount of WISER token is one million. As the mining continues, the total supply will eventually become three million.

Once you get WISER tokens, you can trade it at anytime you want, or you can do whatever you want with it.

Wiser will listed on Uniswap, you can trade it on uniswap as well if you don’t feel like join liquidity mining.

And we would like to show the community an faultless Wiser project, so the launching date will be delayed, and we will public the date this week.

If you don’t want to miss the date, please join Wiser telegram group or follow us on twitter to keep updated.

Q2. Has the Wiser smart contact been audited? How do you assure us that Wiser is ready for security and promises to investors? how trusted and safe is Wiser? How do you attract new investors to Wiser?


WISER is made up of immutable smart contracts which have no errors or loopholes.

WISER shall have 30 days liquidity lock and 24 hours timelock to put investors mind at peace, and it is open source on Github.

Everyone is able to check all the details on github at anytime.

The dev team will also keep developing the project and respond quickly to any indication of potential risks.

As I mentioned before, the referral system will bring a broader market to the project.

Anyone can invite others to stake with a referral link and becomes a referrer, no matter he or she has a stake or not.

Referrers will win 10% of the LP staked through their referral links.

For examples, Alice refers a friend who, in total, stakes 0.83 ETH into the pools.

Ten percent of the staking is deducted and transfer to Alice. Alice earns 0.083 ETH from that staking.

Those who stake through a referral link will have an around ten percent mining boost, and even if they unstake they can still gain interest.

Therefore, the referral system strengthens the community consensus by creating a win-win situation and attracts the larger market.

Q3. How do I stake in WISER? How are liquidity pools calculated? Is there a limit and time period for participating in WISER staking?


Wiser have 18 different mining pools as initial mining pools, you may select the mining pool you like and stake your token or pair in mining pool.

We will make sure each mining pool have approximately the same weight.

And we encourage people to mining for long-term, that is why we set up an penalty system, which means there won’t be any time limit.

The longer you stake, the bigger reward you will get.

Q4. What are the advantages of WiserCash referral program? How do investors profit from having lots of referrals? Is there a limit to the number of referrals that we can get in the program? what percentage of the profit every time we get referrals at WiserCash?


I think referral is the biggest advantage of Wiser, it can help boost up the community and price.

You invite others to join Wiser liquidity mining, you will recieved 10% LP as commision, more referrals you have, bigger reward you will gain.

There won’t be any number limit, feel free to make your profit pump.

Q5. The main problem that DeFi projects often face is low liquidity. What will the WISER team do to solve this problem? Do you have a program with liquidity providers such as benefit for liquidity suppliers? And how do you handle the cost of Ethereum Gas which is so expensive?


Agree! The liqudity is the symbol of life for an project.

That is why we will add an huge liquidity as initial liquidity, so sorry we can’t public the numbers now, but you will be amazed once you saw the liquidity.

If someone join the liquidity mining without any referral, the 10% lp will be used to add liquidity.

And if someone decided to unstake, 70% of lp will be used to add liquidity, this will guarantee the Wiser liquidity pool will always pump.

We have optimize the Wiser contract to help users to pay the lowest gas fee, but due to the unstable of ETH price, let’s just pay the gas until ETH 2.0 start working😂


Q1. @haydennitzsche

How important is community to the WiserCash ? and What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally?

Community means everything to WiserCash, we will used serious penity and referral reward system to expand and enhance our community, I agree with the point hat community hold all the power, that’s why we set up many mechnism to ensure Wiser community became stronger.

Q2. @deontaebechtela

How does $WISER compare to many yield farms offering a very high APY on liquidity staking, and why would investors choose it over other yield farming opportunities?

First of all, wiser has excellent liquidity. Liquidity mining is not the only way you can gain profit, you can also invite others to win the reward.

Q3. @anuragck22

There are somany short term project come in the defi,is your project longterm or not,and what will be advantage for early investors

We detest short term project, short term project don’t have any community concensus or community doesn’t matter to them at all. The reason we trying to build an community concensus is that we would like to prove to everyone that Wiser is the long-term project that you can trust.

Q4. @justatee

if new person want to know about Wiser Cash How will you describe it in few words? What is the importance of community support for this project? which steps are taken for this purpose?

Safe, stable, profitable, always growing. The reason I said those word with confidence is that each community member has motivation to help Wiser grow the community, and Wiser community will became much bigger.

Q5. @tikmit11

Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project?

We are inspirated by WISE, and we would like to make an different version of WISE. So we take over their contract and enhance their reward and penalty system, we just know that Wiser will make whole lots different with it.

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