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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with BC GAME on February 18, 2021. This guest star,

  • Joanne — Business & Content Manager


Joanne P | BC Game,

Hello All! My name is Joanne and I am the Business & Content Manager at BC.Game. I handle a branch of Marketing that deals with Business Development, content and information. After having a good experience in corporate MNCs in Marketing, Sales and Advertising; I decided to join the BC.Game family full time as it is one of the most transparent online casinos I have known. Not only is it provably fair but it also takes feedback from its players and uses it to better the site which makes for a stronger BC.Game community and awesome experience for all of us!

Q : Could you please give us a simple introduction of BC.Game?

Joanne P | BC Game,
BC.Game is the most transparent casino in existence. We publish our RNG open source and we have specialists within our staff that can help anyone understand how these processes work. We are also one of the seven crypto casino that have been certified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. Our platform has been highly scrutinized by top cryptography experts and they all agree that BC.Game is transparent and fair. With a wide variety of games and new games launching frequently, we are proud to say that we are a fun, fair and transparent casino where you can be play stress free!


Q1. What are the benefits of joining as a VIP member of BC.Game? I see on your website the user can only access by invitation. Apart from this invitation, is there a fee? And what are the advantages of owning it?

Joanne P | BC Game,
Anyone can access our ViP program. You do not need any invitation for that. If you are a player on any casino you can achieve the same level at our site when you join. And enjoy the VIP benefits. Daily Recharge, Rakeback, Daily wagering contests etc are some of the benefits of a VIP.

There is no fee or no invitation for becoming a VIP at BC.Game. :)

Q2. is a gambling and casino platform, but we know gambling is illegal In some countries. So, do you comply with some requirements to run this kind of platform? What problems can BC.Game solve?

Joanne P | BC Game,
Gambling might be illegal in some countries but we do not discriminate based on region or geographical locations. Anyone and everyone above 18 years of age is welcome to play at BC Game!
We do not restrict players from any country!

Q3. BC games are great & combine gaming and crypto, so to get a better user experience, is there a Mobile app to play and interact with BC Games from any device? That makes it easier for us to play all the time and make deposits and withdrawals anywhere?

Joanne P | BC Game,
Absolutely! Gambling Apps are not allowed on Android or IOS app stores. We have however made our smart app which can be installed on any device. All of our games are completely compatible with mobile devices.
You can download the smart app from:

Q4. To play the game in BC Game, is there a minimum amount for betting, a minimum withdrawal fee when making withdrawals and a minimum for deposits? What types of tokens does BC Game support currently? Will there be additional prizes if you win the daily win bonus?

Joanne P | BC Game,
There is no minimum for deposit.
Our minimum amount for betting is very low (as low as 0.0001 USDT and in some coins it is even lower than that!)
BC.Game believes that everyone should get a chance to try their luck!

Every coin has different minimum requirements for instant withdrawals!

BC.Game supports more than 30 coins! You have a variety to choose from :)

Winning the daily bonus is already a huge prize ;) as we offer more than 2000 USD in our Daily Contest!

Q5. Security is a very important part of every platform, so how do you ensure user safety on the Bc game platform? protect every transaction and every fund from users?

Joanne P | BC Game,
BC.Game believes in user security and works 24x7 to secure each and every transaction. You will be happy to know that we use our own nodes to stay ahead of others! There is no possibility of any error on security of user funds


Q1. @Giniwhite

Why should users choose BC.Game as their betting partner? How do you plan to attract more users who want join with BC Game?

Joanne P | BC Game,
BC.Game has many advanced and unique . Infact many of these were first launched by BC.Game and then been followed by many platforms. So in a way we were the trend setters 🙂
To list a few of these amazing features:
1 Vault Pro: It is like your own bank where you can save funds and earn more than 5% interest!
2 VIP transfers: By transferring your VIP level from other casino where you have spent time and money to wager
3 VIP Recharge: Free reloads when you wager. Like a cashback feature
4 Lucky Spin, Master Medals, etc
BC.Game currently has 16 in-house games from which 5 games are multiplayer.
I am sure you will have a great time playing them.
The multiplayer games are
1 Crash
2 Keno
3 Roulette
4 Blackjack
5 Baccarat

Q2. @chaiuzbui

Could you give us aspect that shows transparency of your betting system and there is no manipulation in the result?

Joanne P | BC Game,
Our games are 100% provable fair and anyone can verify them as it is 100% open source. You can verify each and every bet you place here:

We use SHA 256 and SHA 512 algorithms to hash our server seeds which means there cannot be any manipulation in the results!

We understand the value of trust and we place the highest priority on it!
Don’t trust it, Verify it!

Q3. @zzcuna

In the crypto field it’s very hard for projects to generate revenue/profits some projects have a 10% dev share(10% from transaction fees taken by the project) can you explain to us in what way that BC GAME creates revenue/profits?

Joanne P | BC Game,
Great question! At BC.Game everything is literally transparent! Everyone of our game has a Bankroll which shows how much funds we have for the users to keep playing. Anyone can see that! BC.Game generates profit from the house edge which is 1%.
All our games are proprietary games!

Q4. @MikotoMiyuki

Could you please give us some tips on the strategy we should follow before starting playing BC Game for beginners?

Joanne P | BC Game,
We have a detailed blog for our crypto beginners to learn and understand every aspect of gaming.

We have a section called beginner guides which has strategies on every game and how you can increase your chances of winning.

Some of the fun articles also include:

Do check it out :)

Q5. @Jackpot_98

On moving forward through your roadmap, what are your most important next priorities/Milestone? Does Your Project have enough fundamental (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Joanne P | BC Game,
BC.Game is amongst the top De-Fi casinos currently! We support AAVE, LEND, UNI and various other currencies!
We are currently the best Web3.0 casino, and amongst the few exclusive ones which support third-party protocol login such as Metamask/WalletConnect.
Our team is now working on supporting more currencies.

At the same time, under the premise of safety we have added a VAULT PRO feature where you can save your funds and top of that earn more than 5% interest too!
We have slots launching soon:)

The recently launched VIP recharges are sure to attract you!

We have a pretty big news launching very soon which will bring huge rewards and coins for the community. If you were thinking of joining BC GAME I would suggest you this is the perfect time!

There are many advantages users get while choosing BC.Game as their betting partner.

To list a few of these amazing features:
•Vault Pro: It is like your own bank where you can save funds and earn more than 5% interest!
•VIP transfers: By transferring your VIP level from other casino where you have spent time and money to wager
•VIP Recharge: Free reloads when you wager. Like a cashback feature
•Rakeback: it is like a cashback feature where you get returns for each bet you place.
•Lucky Spin, Master Medals, etc

We also have random chat rains, random coindrops, weekly twitter giveaways, weekly forum challenges, random gift codes(we call them shitcodes :D)
Downside is only that you will make great friends and be a part of an amazing community who you miss when you cant be online 🙂

BC.Game is a trustworthy and fun place to be where you can verify each and every bet! Its a great place to make new friends!
I hope you all experience it and love it as much as we love making it!

🌻Thank you again for the great enthusiasm you guys showed for this AMA!!
Good Luck and Win Big!✨

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about BC GAME.

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