Here’s our 53th AMA recap!

Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Billion Happiness on March 6, 2021. This guest star,

  • Arnel Sumowan — Founder
  • BSC Pleb — Co Founder


BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

We are a group of well-dedicated team members. There are 3 Founding members working together for BillionHappiness Finance Project .

My name is Arnel, I am the Founder of Billion Happiness, partly university-educated and mostly self-taught. I started my journey with cryptocurrencies since 2014. It was a roller-coaster ride then yet very exciting. 🤩

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

Hi My name is Elainne, I’m the Co-Founder of Billion Happiness (Chief Happiness Officer). I’m an Entrepreneur and Crypto Investor. We also have BscPleb — Co-Founders of Billionapiness NFT Market place. He have been in the space since 2014. Been through everything, bull and bear! Sadly he can’t be with us right now. Anyway, thank you for having us today on your well-reputed group!

Q1. Could you please give us a simple introduction of Billion Happiness? What the motivation for starting build Billion Happiness?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

BillionHappiness is DeFi, cashback, staking and farming. We started out as an e-commerce store having its goal to provide product ownerships on every purchased items from the store and by giving rewards/cashbacks in form of token called BHC.

BHC was created for BillionHappiness Community, it’s further development made it possible to be traded, staked and farmed on different exchanges that led us to flourished in DeFi world.

Our dedication to build BillionHappiness Projects was driven by our very interactive community since the beginning.

Q2. What makes Billion Happiness special? How is Billion Happiness better than other platform?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

Billion Happiness verified project you can check it on, as our the name depicts aims to be the source of billion people’s happiness through our quality products and services. We remain grounded with our core values to giving our community the best possible services by creating a harmonious and friendly atmosphere within our community.

Q3. What are the Business Objectives, Market and Target audience of Billion Happiness?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

One of our goals is to provide product ownership to every item being sold on our e-commerce store. This also led us to innovating and building our own NFT Marketplace. With NFTs unlimited potential, we consider this as an avenue into making one of our goals happen. Protecting owners and providing product ownerships to our clients.

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

In addition, did you know? BHC logo is Bitcoin Inspired,combination of B & H using the Binance Smart Chain 😊
B = Billions of People
H = Happiness

“Our goal is making billion people happy.” 🥰
BHC use case:
✅NFT Marketplace
✅E-commerce Store
✅DEFI (Staking to earn other tokens)

We welcome Happy Creative People who willing are to spread happiness across the world.

Q4. Besides the $BHC token, Billion Happiness it also has a $HPS token. can you explain about the tokenomics and use-cases of this token? how much supply is available?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

Our secondary token is $HPS and its use-cases are minting fee for BH NFT Marketplace, and deflationary. Soon you can also farm/stake it like $BHC
For tokenomics check here:
🚀Supply is only 1Million and deflationary.

Q5. Can you please tell us the current Billion Happiness road map? How far has Billion Happiness been developed at this time? and what will you realize in the future?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

Pioneering BSC Network, we’ve been through ups and down. Yet, still thriving until now.
Last February 20, We just hit $7M Marketcap, had been listed on different exchanges such as Julswap, Streetswap, BSCEX and Pancakeswap. Currently, we our happy and proud to be partners with Jetfuel, Crowfinance and Crudeoil and would be more than happy to have more partnerships in the future. There is always a room for improvement as they say. We do not stay satisfied with what we already have achieved. As we always tell the community, we are just getting started. We will keep on innovating for the happiness of our community.


Q1. The few days Billion Happiness hava sale on $HPS, will it function the same as the $BHC token ecosystem or are there other functions in the future? And Billion Happines has successfully sold $HPS in the first round, will there be a second round of $HPS tokens?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

Definitely these two tokens are created with their unique uses. With BHC revolving around our reward system initially, then later on moving around Defi ecosystem with it being traded,farmed and staked. HPS will most like be circulating within our NFT Marketplace ecosystem serving as the NFT minting fee. HPS although have similarities with BHC, it differs from it being deflationary and as lifeblood of our NFT marketplace. Furthermore, we would be happy to see HPS grow like BHC.

Yes we will be having a 2nd round $HPS token sale with Crudeoil Finance. 🚀

Q2. Not everyone understands how we can participate in the sales of HPS that will be held later, can you explain how to join it for laymen who just know? What benefits will investors get from HPS token sale? Is there a bonus with every major HPS purchase?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

As mentioned, we partnered with Crudeoil Finance to host our HPS token sale 2nd round, they will provide guides and official URL link during the event. Our 2nd round HPS token sale will be live on March 8, for more info you can follow the TG Ann :, but we are sure it will be a pretty easy process.

Q3. According to your Medium article the NFT market already has some issues like piracy, copyright infringement & plagiarism, how can Billion Happiness reduce this risk for your NFT ecosystem? And how does Billion Happiness connect the $HPS token to NFT Marketplace?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

We will eliminate the issues by using Binance Smart Chain contract and categories users with verified and non-verified.

HPS’s primary purpose is to be used as a BillionHappines project booster. Currently, HPS will be integrated into the NFT marketplace, allowing artists to pay listing fees in HPS or BNB.
If users pay fees in HPS:
— 50% of fees will be burned
— 50% of fees will be allocated to BillionHappiness

Moreover, Billion Happiness is aiming for HPS to be staked, farmed and traded on exchanges where BHC has already been present.

Q4. What is the next target after all HPS public sales are completed, which exchange will HPS be listed on? How much HPS from total supply will be allocated for staking / farming?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

After HPS token sale/IDO (1st round and 2nd round)
We will add liquidity on exchanges like Julswap, pancakeswap, hyperswap, etc. (March 12 estimated)
then staking and farming will also be available for HPS (March 13, estimated) 🚀

30% for Farming/Staking Pool Allocations

HPS/BNB LP to earn $HPS = 100,000 HPS (10%)
Stake HPS to earn $HPS = 50,000 HPS (5%)
Stake BHC to earn $HPS = 30,000 HPS (3%)
Reserved = 120,000 HPS (12%) — Partners from other BSC project

Q5. In form of cooperation between Billion Happiness and Crudeoil Finance other than HPS? Will there be any products or features that will be present in this collaboration in the future? Or is it just about selling HPS?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

They will be our host for our 2nd round HPS token sale and we will also do farming collaboration with Crudeoil Finance.

As of the moment we are doing BHC/BNB to earn OIL and soon we will also add more farming like OIL/BNB to earn HPS and more in the future.


Q1. From @vjaccep

How about the $ HPS staking program.
Staking is one of the features to attract users and generate Mass Adoption .. How much APY is offered to your users? And how do you maintain staking rewards for stakers?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

we will release our new pools next week 😊 our APY is based on how many people will join and stake $HPS but we pretty sure its a good APY 🤩

Q2. From @lahkoklu

Can you give us the 3 key success features that made the Billion Happines Finance project grow to date?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

Community, Collaboration and Purpose. BillionHappiness, was driven by our the community. Community as one of the reason why BHC token was created. We build our purpose for the happiness of our supporters. Furthermore, collaboration with different DeFi projects had also led us to our growth.

Q3. From @Emmie971

How is holding $HPS in the long term incentivized? What are it’s usecases and Also how is price pegged and is it designed to rise and fall with the success of the platform?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

You can earn more $HPS by staking it and you can also earn other other in the future using your $HPS and $HPS LP 🚀


As I know a strong community is very important for every project. Do you plan to be a local or global project? What strategy will be used to expand the community?

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

Our name says BillionHappiness, Our goal is to reach as many people as possible across the Globe. Our plans includes, making it easier for non-english speakers understand the project as well.

Q5. From @kelly0802

Everyone values projects with long-term benefits over short-term benefits. So what does Billion Happiness do to ensure long-term benefits?

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

To ensure long term benefits after our HPS Token sale/IDO we will add forever liquidity of HPS/BNB by burning/locking the LP tokens so that team or nobody can’t rug the project (40% of the collected funds from token sale)
exchanges like Pancakeswap and Julswap. 🤩🚀

BHC_Arnel “Verify My Username”,

Support our 2nd round HPS token sale on Crudeoil Finance this coming March 8 😊

BHC_Elainne *won’t initiate contact*,

We enjoy being here, we would love to answer all of your questions. Please join our telegram group so we can accomodate you further. Thank you so much!!✨✨😊

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Billion Happiness.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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