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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Save Planet Earth on April 13, 2021. This guest star,


Yes, I am the founder of SavePlanetEarth.World an idea in the making for a couple of years now. I work with Government and SOE’s around the world on climate projects and waste management tenders.

I am from the UK and travel extesively visiting landfill sites, its not as glamorous as it sounds! 🙂

Q1: Could you provide a simple description SavePlanetEarth for our community? What the motivation for starting build SavePlanetEarth?

SavePlanetEarth is The Cryptocurrency Carbon Sequestration Token.

SavePlanetEarth is a Rapid-Response Organization that has as its core agenda, taking the Climate Change problem by the Bulls Horn, so to speak. It is noted that most or almost all initiatives since the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro and Kyoto Protocol about 30 Year ago have under-performed unproductive and not really worked. Incidents of global warming in recent times are at an all-time high and of tenacity never observed before.

Much of the climate change problems on the rise can be attributed to resulting from far too little, far too late approaches, and the problem itself being largely left over to be solved by governments and world bodies that has works with inherent bureaucracy , all the while with common people being left out of the solution process, more or less. SavePlanetEarth wishes to reverse this trend and works as a catalyst organization between the (climate change) problem and the disadvantaged public and empowers them in the solution process.

SavePlanetEarth can be defined as a people-centered organization that works to address climate change through reforestation and afforestation as terrestrial components of the solutions base, and ocean management and conservation being the all-important marine solution. SavePlanetEarth funds and enriches the processes to bring in change.

Q2. What makes SavePlanetEarth special? What makes SavePlanetEarth special better than comparison with competitors?

In a nutshell…..We have a use case that completely goes above and beyond use cases of other competitors. We are actually trying to save the planet here. We are trying to offset carbon …………..

SavePlanetEarth works with ground level practitioners in and around the developing world that have ‘made their mark’ in introducing appropriate technologies in both rural and urban areas. SavePlanetEarth invariably works with local implementers to bring in solutions to the climate change problem framed on lowest costs and maximum efficiency.

What make SavePlanetEarth special is that we have a very established foundational team with myself along with Dr. Priyantha Wijeesooriya. Between us, we’ve been able to hit the ground running with the international network of contacts, 50+ years experience?, and meaningful education.

Within 2 days we’ve already been able to send funds for 2000+ trees to be planted in multiple communities that need this assistance through working with our partners at the UN and also are working with other international players on a large 100K trees order in the upcoming few days ahead.

Q3. SavePlanetEarth has is token named $SPE. Can you explain about $SPE the utility & use-cases? What benefits can we get if we hold tokens $SPE? Imran

By holding the token you are helping save the planet, and also 2% of each transaction is redistributed between holders, so your balance grows with each transaction.

Some ideas that we have are as follows: Community Governance, the ability for SPE token holders to vote on specific initiatives the project will take. This will be implemented in the brand new website where it connects to their wallet and allows for voting on these initiatives. We already did one poll regarding which country to plant tree next and we will be engaging the community like this going forward as a collective.

Charity staking pools. The ability to stake SPE tokens and allow the yield to be redistributed to the charity of your choice.

Corporate Carbon Initiative: this would be for partners looking to increase their brand image and awareness: like a scoreboard-style holders list of corporations and nations! We’ve partnered with who are willing to purchase this token, and LOCK the tokens indefinitely (so a firm commitment), that the funds could be allocated to the staking charity pools. So essentially the corporations are making large donations via token that they do not get back, and the community decides via staking pool how those funds are spent.

Q4. Regarding security and transparency, how can you assure us that your security is strong enough? Has SavePlanetEarth been audited?

Everyone can see on the blockchain that ownership has been renounced of the smart contract so it can never be modified again. Liquidity has been locked and ensured for 5 years in DxSale, and also we have already been audited by two auditors and many more will follow. One of them is TechRate and we passed with flying colours!

All liquidity is locked until 2026 and there are no wallets that currently hold over 1% which I think shows great promise in our community strength and collective stability moving forward!

Q5. Can you please tell us the current SavePlanetEarth road map? How far has SavePlanetEarth been developed at this time? and what will you realize in the future?

Our complete roadmap is on the website at if you want to see for yourselves. It’s very detailed and we have a lot in store for SavePlanetEarth. In a nutshell, we are going to be getting more audits done in addition to the audits we currently have, we are getting listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, we are currently talking with several exchanges. And this is just the basics for the token. We are also on course with our carbon sequestration goals, at the moment planting trees and forming partnerships with many nation-states and their governmental bodies regarding climate change. We have plans to implement the token in offsetting companies carbon footprint and futures trading towards charitable causes and inter-generational equities for the unborn.

At this moment as part of Road Map Process we have identified very special cases where Land degradation and extensive de-forestation; large-scale de-logging etc has been done. In the marine sector also we have identified serious breaches to the coral reefs, algae growth and other problem areas. These are now being entered in on project implementation schedule on a priority basis, and resource availability, indexing the baseline scenario or business case where climate change is brough to manageable levels.

The first 1000 trees donation was to a UN affiliated NGO.

We will have many more projects with the UN and their Development and Environmental Programme arms, UNDP and UNEP. I am working on planting locations and health monitoring for 10,000 more trees at the moment.

The second 1000 tree donation was to MITDC who are a SOE (State Owned Enterprise) in The Maldives and their Chaiman has already tweeted about this.

I have engaged UNICEF on the phone and via official emails in The Maldives. And they want to get involved with tree planting and make it a fun activity with the children in a few islands so its a decentralised tree planting program! The Earth Day is coming up and this is exciting news!

There are plans for coral restoration and algae. This is something we will work on and get other collaborations with Sea organisations as it also helps with Global Warming.

We have a PhD scientist on board to help develop algorithms for Carbon Sequestration and linking that to the token. We have a few more MBA and PhD scientists as advisors, details to follow.

Our roadmap is intense and exciting. It’s something that no other BSC token has done.

We aim to plant trees at an alarmingly fast rate and will continue to do so until we reach our target and then we will plant some more! 🙂

You can check out the road map on as we are updating it periodically.

Q1 From @MissUnicorn299 :

Since SavePlanetEarth is a project for the environment, is there support from UNICEF in every SavePlanetEarth action or activity? How can SavePlanetEarth help with social activities such as planting trees?

Not just UNICEF but the entire UN system inclusive of UNDP and UNEP. NGO’s such as Rainforest Alliance and Friends of The Earth are actively promoting tree planting like The Earth Day and local tree planting initiatives, hand in hand as deforestation has arisen and triggered a proactive environmental group in each of these locations. SavePlanetEarth is there as a catalyst to enhance public involvement, nurturing and supporting their causes and we are the ground-level Action Group!

Q2 From @Nandemonaiiiiia :

Save Planet Earth uses GPS tree monitoring applications and software, predictable models and AI. How do these tools work and can help monitor any problems and carbon emissions in the forest? How indicators or predictions can Save Planet Earth know?

All these tools are used to ensure the plant is growing well and healthy to become a fully grown adult tree, capable of sequestering Carbon.

Vegetation analysis sensors on board satellites have been developed specifically to process data so that can be used for vegetation detection, green health monitoring and general classification of the flora.

We are working on our own algorithms such as Geospacial and using the latest high Def multi-spectral satellite imagery alongside cloud processing technology.

Real-Time Plantation analytics
Near real time imagery NDVI and RGB colour images comparisons.
Vegetation analysis, Volume calculation

AI is a new and very welcoming tool for us. Using AI DRONES which can identify a particular area and where to plant for optimum survival by a combination of drone-collected data and satellite imagery as described above.

Predictable models such as Weather Intelligence Data or batch survival rates for germination as per their pedigree.

Calculation of the Carbon Sequestration is done as per each species of tree which can be done quite easily and I hasve compliled a database on this from my previous work.

Q3 From @LipaySenco :

According to the Save Planet Earth website “5% of each transaction is automatically locked for liquidity”. Will the lock rate stay 5% or will the more transactions increase or decrease? And every tax from the transaction will remain locked forever or will there be burning?

I believe there is a transaction tax of 7%. 5% will always be locked for liquidity, and 2% of each transaction is reflected between holders proportionately. We do manual burning from the marketing wallet for community rewards and milestones. Our Team can elaborate further if required.

Q4 From @Lutas1188 :

How important is the community to Your project? and how can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

The community and local development organisations are extremely important to us. They are our foundation and our strength to keep pushing ahead. We are doing this for the community and the future unborn community too.
We’ve already seen a number of donations for the cause and we haven’t even really asked yet as we are so new still.
We have multiple communities that are growing by the day in multiple countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Netherland, Turkey and more.

We welcome you to join our effort in Carbon Sequestration and combat Global Warming.

Q5 From @Gerogesup :

Do you have plans to partner with other projects in the near future? or are you still focused on developing the $SPE ecosystem? Which partner do you think is the most suitable for Save Planet Earth? Do you also agree that the community can help with your project?

Yes, indeed in the near future. We are currently in advanced negotiations about partnerships with several well known entities and projects. Such as SSB, other like-minded tokens, global community NGO initiatives and Carbon Fund SOE’s.

The most suitable is the UNDP Sustainability Goals initiative which we have aligned ourselves with and are working with on the ground.

Furthermore, the UN Office for Partnerships and SPE are currently underway also Temple Trees (Prime Ministers Office in Sri Lanka and their Policy Development Office).

We are an entity aspiring for new dynamics. Social, technological and operational in the war against climate change!


Q1. From @jasserbo

Hey imran, Can we expect that the unicef or wwf or any of the big names that your are associated with, to say something about SPE like mentioning it on their website or twitte something about partnership with SPE
as it will bring a huge attention to SPE

Yes, we will have promotions on their Social Media. We have had the Chairman of a SOE tweet about us already!


Is this project a Global project ?
Can local communities partake in it ?

Yes, local communities can partake of course. This is an international project but enabled locally. The plan is to go to every country.

Q3. From @open_love_one

How can I buy your token ? Currently is it available on Exchanges?

Please got to and you can buy it from there.

Q4. From @Novreysa90

Is your aim, to become the leader (number one) in field project from your competitors ? and if so what will you say is your biggest strength to achieve it?

We aim to be the most intelligent, proactive and responsive company. We have PhD’s on board!

Q5. From @Kam Ali

Will SPE have recognised backing from UNICEF and or WWF in the near future to add legitimacy to this project to ensure any doubts are extinguished

Yes, SPE is only 3 days old. We will have back up support from these entities that you mentioned and more.

Q6. From @DdMHNDra

What is your mission and vision for the 2021?

Please check the white paper. Thank you

Q7. From @resa46

So, what do you mean by this token to exchange trash? , to tackle the garbage on this earth

Carbon Dioxide iand methane and various other emissions (SO2) n the atmosphere that is causing Global warming leading to heating of the planet and destroying lives. We are fighting this.


Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Save Planet Earth.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.



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