Here’s our 68th AMA recap!

Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Safeish on April 25, 2021. This guest star,

  • Teddy Bear — CEO
  • ProfDigoxin — Merketing Coordinator and Community Manager


Teddy Bear,
I’m Teddy Bear, I’m a recent graduate on computer science and I’ve loved blockchain since 2016. I’ve been a side dev for some time now on some projects and this is actually my first project created, which I’m very excited about!

Crypto Lord,
Thanks for having me here!

I am Prof Digoxin and I am excited to be working as the head of marketing at SafeIsh.

Starting out, can you please provide us with a simple description of SafeishToken ? What the motivation for starting build SafeishToken ?

Teddy Bear,
Sure! Safeish Token is a deflationary token that provides autonomous yield and auto-liquidity on BSC. Also, its ownership was renounced at listing, which makes it 100% community-owned and driven. This is possible because EVERY transaction takes a 10% fee (5% for token distribution to all holders + 5% for liquidity into PancakeSwap). You keep earning automatically on your wallet, forever!

Our motivation to start building Safeish was to bring utility to safe tokens. Almost every day we see new safe tokens, but none bring really good use cases. Why would you need a token that’s great when you have volume, but then not push it? Volume is directly correlated with use cases and utility. They speak for themselves!

What are the Business Objectives, Market and Target audience of SafeishToken ?

Crypto Lord,
The Business Objective of Safeish and it’s basically to help every individual (investors) gain financial stability while investing in a token they can trust and confined it. We have designed our project such that it will be a token to be reckon with In the next few weeks having executed our marketing strategies properly.

Our market is very large as we are aware that majority of individuals are looking to invest in and build with a community and brand they can trust which is what our core value signify. Hence, we believe we have all it takes to infiltrate the market and take over the DeFi world in a matter of time.

Our target audience is YOU, yes! We mean everyone here is our potential investor and that’s why we have taken our time to earn your trust and gain a wider visibility by the essence of this AMA.

We want you to support this project and help us achieve the reality of taking it to the moon. Spread the good news, share with your network and community and we make it skyrocket together.

With Safeish a win-win agenda is solidly guaranteed!

How do you assure us of the benefits, safety and transparency of SafeishToken ? How can you be the best solution than any other projects?

Teddy Bear,
Good question. We have all the information on our website that you can check for yourself. Initial LP was ALL burned and ownership was renounced. Also, our token was forked from SafeToken, which is audited 3 times (at current time). Why is that? We are apologists that time is money, and you can’t mess with security. That’s why. Why would we want to write the code from scratch when there is a really good safe code out there that gives us only benefits and no down sights? That’s how we assure all the benefits and safety. About transparency? Every time we do a transaction from our wallets, we ALWAYS announce when it was done and why (and provide tx links). Why is that? We believe our investors should have that information available at any time, to keep them comfortable, because we know how scary this market can be.

On how we will be the best solution to other projects, that’s easy. We will bring use cases for the safe tokens. The crypto space is always changing. Today are NFTs and launchpads, tomorrow is a completely new and different thing. We will try to cover it all, to keep bringing use cases for our token. We have a few things already touched on our Roadmap! 😊

How can you balance between developing a platform and adding value to your product? Can you explain about the tokenomics and use-cases of $SISHT token?

Teddy Bear,
That’s a hard question. Why is that? Because I already felt it when I launched the product alone. It’s hard to develop and be attentive to bringing value (with marketing and community management, for example). That’s why I had to hire @ProfDigoxin , so he could help me out on those subjects. It’s going great! Also, we will be looking forward to adding new members on our team!

About the tokenomics, they are really simple and plain.
- total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SISHT
- 50% was burned
- 47.5% was listed on PancakeSwap for trading (circulating)
- 1.5% for marketing
- 1% for dev

Our use cases, which are also represented on our Roadmap, are to bring a NFT Marketplace into BSC, that uses our token to trade. We will also implement a monthly/weekly (TBD) drop of art by news artists we find and like on this NFT Marketplace. This will be a huge use case for our token. We will also be looking to implement a Launchpad and Charitypad. The charity pad will be used for Charities to acquire some funds for them in $BNB (why $BNB and not $SISHT? Because charities need to sell the funds, and we do not want people selling our token. However, to donate, you’ll have to own $SISHT. Some of these details are still being worked on!).

Can you tell us a little about SafeishToken roadmap going forward, how do you plan get more adoption?

Teddy Bear,
Like I’ve been hinting on this AMA and to get more adoption, we need these use cases to become real. We are doing everything we can to produce these developments and on time! Our Q2 developments are almost aced out and we will be looking to start the Q3 as soon as possible. I’m confident that with the power of our great community at Safeish Token and our developments, we will get the adoption all the $SISHT holders want! We will be big. You can check our website here: We’ve talked about some of them on the previous question. I also want to add our Safeish Lottery, which I’m already working out on some pretty great ideas! If you notice, we don’t have a Roadmap for 2021 — that’s for a reason. Like I said, crypto is always changing. What we think is a good development today, might not be tomorrow.


From : Peneloppe_celo
Safeish Token is also similar to a typical community -driven platform project, to what extent can the community play a role in future decision-making? what do you plan to do about the management mechanism to make community a partner in the future of Safeish token?

Teddy Bear,
It’s important to always get feedback from the community. The community all together always has more creativity and solutions than the team itself — that’s why most team succeed, because they listen to feedback from investors and their community. This is the key part. We are, from day 0, enabling trust at full, by showing EVERYTHING we do to the community. By doing this, the community will instantly be more open to us for suggestions. And we love it! That’s how we partner with the community, letting them trust us!

From : mcgiangtienYou arranged an AMA session very rewarding. As a result which, you received a lot of questions from the community as like related to utilities and technology, future vision. So, now I want to ask what do you want to receive from the community?

Teddy Bear,
This is a great question. From the community, we need transparency. What do we mean by this? If something feels wrong, tell us. That’s it. We love building and I personally love waking up and reading all the messages on our group chat. So, to answer that question, I’d say we want to receive positivity. And we will work to receive it! :)

From : MissUnicorn299I’ve been a $SISHT holder so far, but most other investors only care about price when there is bad news, they sell & ignore the benefits. can you convince other investors that $SISHT is not just price but value of the product & utility in the Safeish Token ecosystem?

Teddy Bear,
Like in every project, people speculate about the future and they invest on the future of a project. Investors don’t invest in the present. We can look at Tesla, for example, which its stock is currently overvalued today, looking at today as well. However, its price might undervalued today if we compare it to a couple years. That’s why people keep investing in Tesla’s stock. That’s the same for every crypto project and the same as well for $SISHT. People should always do their own research and take a look at our roadmap and this AMA, which they might understand the fundamentals, as well as the value and utility of the token now and when that time comes.

From : Xuandieu899What are the highlights of Safeish’s technology and products that you believe will help you succeed? How revenue does Safeish generate to sustain the project, and what plans do you have to attract more users in the future?

Teddy Bear,
Okay, so it’s interesting someone asked what revenue does Safeish generate. It’s funny that even our marketing address keeps growing. That’s how $SISHT was done. Every wallet, for every transaction, gains yield. Our marketing funds keep growing, that means, we have more funds to pay for marketing, which brings more volume, which brings more yield for everyone, including our marketing wallet. It’s a vicious cycle! That’s how we sustain the project and, at the same time, attract more users in the future. 2 in 1. Like we said on our last question from the InfinityChain’s moderator, all of our roadmap developments will be a key feature to help us succeed.

From : loklok09011Marketing is vital for projects to develop faster and achieve set goals. Do you have a strategy to attract new investors to your platform and keep them long term?

Crypto Lord,
Very fantastic question!

As a team and community lead we cannot also overemphasize the importance of marketing in a bid to help achieve achieve the goal of our project.

We have put in place several marketing strategies to ensure we gain traction and increase our brand visibility which are but not limited to:

1. We are currently reaching out to very notable Token influencers who are youtubers and tiktokers to help us spread the news to their large network and loyal followers who are supposedly potential investors. With this we believe we will attract massive investors in no time.

2. In the coming week the marketing team will be very aggressive with shilling the community leveraging social media like Reddit and twitter for maximum promotion.

3. Furthermore, we are investing more in branding that is using part of our marketing budget to bye attractive stickers to keep engaging our audience.

Conclusively, having said all of these, we need you to be aware that just the dev and marketing team can cannot do these alone! We need every hand on deck to take Safeish to the moon and that’s why we’ve seize this opportunity to engage y’all this evening.

Done, thanks!


From : @gulhoritomAlmost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Teddy Bear,
The more time investors hold, the more time the investors are winning. That’s what’s great about Safeish Token. It’s auto-yield function is great and it mostly prevents people from selling. If someone sells, it gets distributed again and again back to holders and to liquidity. For benefits of long term holding, we can add here our future use cases, which will bring value to the token. So why not get an increasing valuable token and win more with each transaction? It’s every investor’s dream. :)

From : @RebelB1Your team in anon but what kind of experience do you have and can you tell us where your based?

Teddy Bear,
That is correct. We don’t unveil much about the team because we not only value privacy, but don’t want to be overlook if we apply to another project/job. If you are a dev, I’m sure you’d understand this. As for my team member, he keeps his identity hidden for the same reasons as I. Although I, as an investor, value a doxxed team, we unfortunately can’t do the same thing. However, to counter this down sight, we give information of everything we do transaction wise. Our community knows we make everything public.

From : @BangruD1Can you list 1–2 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors?

Teddy Bear,
I’m most excited about our Charitypad and working with charities! I’d love to do this. Also, we will try that our lottery is different from the PancakeSwap’s one and is more fun. :)

From : @LewisAny plans in the works to do a coin burn sometime in the future?

Teddy Bear,
We might do one on our Q3, but we have so little tokens for us that it just doesn’t feel necessary. Already 50% of the total supply was burned forever and we are proud of that achievement!

From : @sultan976An ambassador help projects towards mass adoption. So, do you have an ambassador program too? If yes can you share the details with us?

Teddy Bear,
We do not have ambassador programs. We are, however, reaching out influencers from TikTok to YouTube and Twitter every day! @ProfDigoxin does it all the time and always forwards good deals to me. His work is VERY crucial at Safeish. Also, our community loves shilling, and also chilling. That’s what they do! :D

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Safeish.

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