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10 min readMay 1, 2021


Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Animal Adoption Advocacy on May 1, 2021. This guest star,

  • Ace — CEO and Founder of Animal Adoption Advocacy


Hello Infinity Chain I am Ace. I am CEO and Founder of Animal Adoption Advocacy

Starting out, can you please provide us with a simple description of PAWS (Animal Adoption Advocacy) ? What the motivation for starting build ?

PAWS is simply a coin for those who love crypto and love animals. The motivation for starting PAWS was to create a coin that was not only could be beneficial in terms of investment but also could make an impact on animals and wildlife.

The motivation to build came from having a love for wildlife and domestic animals but seeing how poachers were affecting wildlife while also seeing how some shelters were treating domestic animals. in that moment the idea of PAWS was born. A Crypto that could make a difference. SOmething that is not only an investment, but can make an impact

Could you please give a brief intro of PAWS (Animal Adoption Advocacy) salient features? How PAWS is better than competitors?

One thing the is different about PAWS is that we aren’t relying on hype for success. Yes we want exposure but we and more focused on making something that has application and use. That is something that separates us from our competitors. PAWS Launched about 7 days ago but has been worked on 8 weeks prior to launch. This is because the PAWS team is focused on really making a difference in the De-Fi space and creating something with substance.

What are the Business Objectives, Market and Target audience of PAWS (Animal Adoption Advocacy)? What is the current focus of the PAWS?

PAWS Primary goal is to help streamline donations towards legitimate animal charities.We also want to create an ecosystem for all things related to animals such as buying and selling goods at pet stores whether in person or online. Our targets are for people who either love animals or those interested in investing a project that makes an impact. We want to get animal lovers involved in crypto and want crypto lovers to invest in something that helps animals. And we want this to be a world wide group of people because it will take people in every country in order to truly protect our animals and all the beautiful species.

How can you balance between developing a project and adding value to your product? Can you explain about the tokenomics and use-cases $PAWS?

So right now PAWS is slowly trying to increase its exposure. However the majority of the budget is stil being focused on development. Sources say that in 2019 Tesla had no marketing budget. $0. Instead Elon Musk focused on making a product that would fit a need and developing technology that has changed the world and will continue to do so. So currently we are marketing in order to gain more holders and make people aware, but we believe that utility is the ultimate goal

Can you tell about PAWS (Animal Adoption Advocacy) roadmap for the present and the future? How far has been developed?

Excellent Question. So currently we have completed all of our Q1 goals and all but one of our Q2 goals. The only Q2 goal not completed is Listing on CMC and Coin Gecko. However these are things are are based on their timeline and not ours. We are currently doing every thing in Q3

This includes: Increase Awareness, Promotion Marketing, Virtual Adoption Campaign and Mobile App drafting. the exciting this is we actually have even started on Q 4 goals. This can all be seen on our whitepaper on the website


From : MissUnicorn299PAWS aims to provide charity / donation services using Cryptocurrency. How does it work? What is the purpose of charity / donation? How can non-cryptos join to support and donate, because some non-cryptos don’t know what is Blockchain?

Excellent Question. Essential how it will work is one of two ways:
1) People will be able to directly donate to legitimate charities that have been vetted by the PAWS team by simply selecting the charity of their choice.

2) People will be able to purchase NFT’s from our NFT marketplace releasing towards the end of May (Shhhh 😉) and a portion of profits 80–90% will go towards the Charity that is Highlighted by the PAWS team.

This allows for people who are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated to participate in this great cause.

From : MochaLatte441What is the function of using NFTs on the PAWS platform? How does PAWS adopt the value of NFTs in the ecosystem? What are the real benefits of PAWS by combining DeFi and NFTs?

We love NFTs. Non-fungible tokens allow people to authentically own products in the digital space. The PAWS team does not look to avoid or run away from upcoming technology — We embrace it! We want to adopt the newest cutting edge technology because that is what it will take to draw as many people as we can for the cause.

Currently many animal charities allow for virtual adoption. You donate and in return you get a certificate and some updates from time to time on that animal. We want to take this a step further by allowing people to not only virtually adopt, but also own a NFT as well! This would allow people to “Own” exotic animals without them feeling the need to poach them or harm them

In addition to this, incorporating NFTS would allow for an influx of capital to flow into charities that truly deserve it instead of it being misdirected to these illegitimate ones.

From : RZhecgSince your project is a well aged one with a lot of experience, can you tell us what is:
your best advantage?
your strongest motivation?
your biggest challenge?

Thanks for asking! I would say our

Biggest advantage: We our an established legal entity. Animal Adoption Advocacy is an LLC. Many of the coins/tokens you see being produced in the BEP20 area do not take the time to structure a business formation. That signals me that they may not be as serious about their long term plans and goals. Our articles of formatin are posted in the telegram for all to see. This gives us advantage over our competition because it opens the door for us to partner internationally in a way that others simply cannot. Corporations dont do business with people. They do business with other Corporations, and that already allows us to stand out and gives us the opportunity to apply for grants and loans to expand out business

Our strongest motivation: The animals. The animals we see in the neighborhood. The ones we see in the zoo or Safari. And the ones we don’t get to see because they are extinct. I still remember when I was in South India and we left Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to travel and see the beauty of India. The trees, the animals, the birds, so much beautiful diversity I had never seen in the US. I also remember being In Nairobi, Kenya and asking where are the Rhinos. They told me poaching had decreased the Rhino population significantly and in my 3 days there I did not see one rhino. at that moment I knew there was a problem and that is my motivation

Our biggest problem: Getting people to have patience, lol. Many people come to the PAWS room looking for a pump and dump. We will not do it. Yes we look to get more exposure in the future- but we got to this point by focusing on progress not hype- and we shall continue that direction, Although you may see some hype as we release more products :)

From : Kemem_ipasTo be a great platform for investors, Transparency and security are very important. Can you tell us some details about transparency, for example about your charitable allocations and security mechanisms. Have you completed your platform audit?

We agree! Security is of utmost importance. We addressed that by getting a full Techrate audit prior to launch. This protects the investors and us from any kind of security flaw. We also make sure to take pictures and get signatures anytime we are donating. The PAWS platform is still in the developing stage since we are only a week old but it will definitely be tested prior to launched and we will look to be Audited by Charity Navigator or a third party after completion

From : GerogesupCan you tell us about the partnerships PAWS currently has? What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms can we expect from PAWS in the future?

So recently we just reached out to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and donated to them. We are discussing the concept of NFTs with them and hope to develop a partnership but we have initatied contact and gotten a nice responce from them:

I tried to post a picture, but it showed Them saying thank you and they will continue to speak with us

In the future you can expect to see our NFT marketplace and in 3 months you may see the very exciting PAWS App!

Although 3 months can seem far away please note that the app is not only donation but gamification! This means you will be able to use the PAWS tokens in the game. Thats all I can share for now- more details to come in the future!


From : @lahkokluHas Animal Adoption Advocacy listed the $PAWS tokens on the exchange then where can you buy the $PAWS tokens and Where is the list of $PAWS tokens on the exchange market and has your team built a bot to view prices or price charts?

Has Animal Adoption Advocacy listed the $PAWS tokens on the exchange then where can you buy the $PAWS tokens and Where is the list of $PAWS tokens on the exchange market and has your team built a bot to view prices or price charts?

PAWS Token can currently be bought on PancakeSwap by clicking the link on our website. We have been contacted by Coin Tiger and we will be listed on their exchange sometime next week! Pricechart can be viewed in the PAWs room by typing (/Price) or going to bogged. finance.

From : @xiaoke_aiDo you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Yes we currently have done small burings; However, We are a REAL company, with a REAL mission, and so because of that we want to be cautious about how much we burn since this currency will be integrating into our games in the months to come. So we want to burn some but not half the total supply like some other coins

From : @khoadz11Lots of investors hit and run during the sale and sell session after listing on the first exchange, WHAT DO YOU say about this? How does PAWS stop early investors from selling tokens?

Lots of investors hit and run during the sale and sell session after listing on the first exchange, WHAT DO YOU say about this? How does PAWS stop early investors from selling tokens?

Many of those type of investors have left by now. It is actually not uncommon in the PAWS community for people to lock their tokens. They trust the PAWS Team because we can communicate or objectives and plans clearly and concisely with great detail. We keep long term investors by keeping them up to speed about long term plans and short term progress. Many of our holders are even okay with the current price becuase they know all the work being done behind the scenes

From : @MinK_7Most of the project with Anonymous team do rug pulled/exit scam. Why you decided to remain anonymous? Don’t you think that it will have a bad effect on your project? How can we sure that there is no chance of scam?

Excellent question! First and MOST important is that fact that we are an LLC. This means we are a legal entity and have a business formation. This would actually allow you to initiate some sort of lawsuit in the event that that you felt you were a victim of financially fraudulent behavior. This is important. As much as people enjoy it, simply seeing ones face or having their social media is not as effective as having an SOS control number given by the state and a physical location to send legal notices. People you see on social media could make up job history, location, etc which is not possible with a state issued document. In addition to that, there was a lot of time, energy, and money invested on the front end of PAWS. This is seen by the other quality of the website, thoroughness of the white paper, the audit (not cheap), social media post, and the NFTs that were bought from artist. Groups who scam often have cheap website, no whitepaper or one that has less than 10,000 words, and no paid audits or it’s by an unknown company, and most importantly have no business formation. There are Devs on our team willing to show their face however some cannot due to the company they are in. For example: If one of our team members who worked at intel posted his picture and LinkedIn people could assume the whole project is backed by Intel. This would most likely result in the individual being fired. And although that dev may leave in the future to do PAWS full time, that should be a choice he makes. Not one that is chosen for him.

From : @pikarrr11What is the special point of PAWS compared to other projects? Can you give some compelling reasons for users to choose PAWS as a long-term investment?

What is the special point of PAWS compared to other projects? Can you give some compelling reasons for users to choose PAWS as a long-term investment?

It would be the fact that PAWS is a Long-term crypto. During Presale our Hardcap was 500BNB. We met hard cap in less than 2 hours. Within an hour of launch we were at an $8MM Marketcap. If this was a pump and dump we would no longer be promoting PAWS. Instead we are continuing to develop the software and establish the relationships needed for PAWS to fully come to fruition. We have plans to only get bigger. Again we are an LLC, we arent dissapearing. The process cost too much money to leave now. Other coins come and go, PAWS isnt going anywhere

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about Animal Adoption Advocacy.

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