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Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with ILUS COIN May 20, 2021. This guest star,

  • James Gibbons — CTO


James G,
Hi, everyone, as I said above. My name is James and I am the CTO for ILUS Coin. Thank you for the chance to speak on Infinity Chain. We are very excited to be here today.

Q1. Let’s start the AMA with a brief introduction to Ilus Coin for our community- Infinity Chain

James G,
Sure! Ilus Coin is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is a partnership between Ilus International — which is a publicly listed company and Toto Capital. We are currently ending our successful pre-sale phase and about to list on our first exchange in a couple of day.

Why should someone invest in the coin?

James G,
Firstly, the ilus coin and its holders will help lives! We make this possie through lease financing where places that cannot afford the capital cost for puchasing critical equipment can pay it on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Life saving equipment is exensive ad in many financially strained locations — governments and non-profit organisations can’t afford them and continue to use old equipment with outdated technology.

The Ilus coin is the first known coin globally which has a mulitfaceted strategy around saving lives and assets. It is a coin connected with a public-listed company Ilus International which possess patented technology.

…and if that’s not enough there is also 15% staking APY on any coins you stake with us!

Could you explain this strategy of saving lives a little more for our readers?

James G,
It is one of the few crypto coins that is connected to real proven value adding lifesaving products compared to the usual speculative ideas or meme coins. Wildfires are increasing every year- just in 2021 there have been over 20,000 wildfires reported globally till now. The coin will play a vital role in facilitating the distribution of equipment and services through lease contracts.

and when we say patented technology we talk about efficiency.

Every millisecond and water efficiency counts when a fire is raging. For example an ILUS system & nozzle will extinguish a typical car fire in 7 seconds with 2 Responders using 10 gallons of water vs conventional technology using 4 responders and 200–250 Gallons of water in 90 seconds.

What about the tokenomics of the coin? Is this token community-driven?

James G,
Tokenonmics are simple and I urge ppl to go through the whitepaper. There is a limited supply of 100M coins.

14.85mil Pre-Sale (Coins not sold during the Pre-Sale will be burned)
40mil For exchanges / slow release
25.15mil Airdrops/Staking
20mil Team/Marketing/Operations (Over 24 mths)

and yes we truely believe coins need to be community run, it is very important to us. Invetsors will get the chance to vte for the direction of the project through our governance protocol.

But what is close to our heart are people new to crypto world and we are trying to keep them in consideration — more and more people are joining the crypto realm every day and we see them struggling with it — the language, the gas fees, onboarding, wallets and swapping — we are trying to it simplify this and make it available to the masses, so that the Ilus Coin is truly inclusive — from the newly initiated to the experts.

What’s the next big move for Ilus Coin?

James G,
The pre-sale is almost over and the next step will be to list on the first DEX (exchange), get the coin listed on the indexes and continue to market the coin.

We have also been listening to the community and we will be migrating from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. People that have bought their coins during the pre-sale will be airdropped their tokens to the same wallet. You heard it here first! This means the first DEX will be Pancake Swap.


From : blackcrow_vs_swToday Hyipe is BSC. Everyone join at BSC Blockchain because fee was low. Now what i am asking Why Ilus Coin still make it at Etherium blockchain ? The gas fee is still high until now. Are you have plan to make it on other blockchain on future ?

James G,
Great question, and one that alot of people have been asking. When we first started working on the ilus coin, Ethereum and Uniswap had been around for a longer period of time and they were the most stable solutions. However, when Ethereum started fluctuating, the congestion and the gas fees skyrocketed. We understand the issues and have been listening to our followers which is why we have now been working hard and will be migrating to BSC and the first DEX will be Pancake swap.

From : HoltBull7sDescribe Toto Capital Inc join in charge of ILUS development. Is the role of the parent company only to help develop the ILUS ecosystem & royalty income from ILUS success partly goes to the parent company? Is Toto fully responsible if there is an emergency that occurs at ILUS?

James G,
ok wow! another great question, bear with me …

Ilus interantional is a public company registered in the US and is not licensed to be a crypto company. Ilus is focused on developing and manufacturing fire and emergency services equipment to save lives.

Toto Capital is more aligned with financial services and has the time, capacity and resources to make the ILUS Coin a reality. They also had the capital to drive the development, PR, marketing for the coin. However, Ilus management are fully behind and fully engaged with the Ilus coin. They believe in the coin and how this coin can benefit organisations and countries.

If there was an emergency or a crisis then both ILUS International and Toto Capital will help support financially and operationally to resolve the issues (whatever this may be) as there is a mutual beneficial outlook for the coin. Considering that this is the vehicle for the lease contracts then it is imperative that the coin is successful.

From : HodlertilldieILUS has a purchase discount until the 21st, for early investors this is very interesting. but what about mid investors and late investors, do you get the same thing?

James G,
To keep it fair to everyone — our pre-sale discount is only for those who bought during the pre-sale. There is still one day left, so get your Ilus coins today! This doesn’t mean we will not have new offers, giveaways and other incentives moving forward. We are here for the community and will continye to work on keeping all investors happy.

From : MissUnicorn299At the moment, all tokens go down in price even with great partnerships, hype marketing & etc. So, what challenges do you to make ILUS strong popular? Are you see it as an opportunity while the current market decline? What the ILUS plan for a bear market now if it lasts longer?

James G,
Especially with what happened in the market over the last couple of days. We have a permanent marketing team employed for the ILUS Coin and it is connected to the public company which already has a strong following.

ILUS is not a speculative project and we already have a strong suvvessful business trading on the OTC. Every project and lease contract will be released and the PR along with that announcement will make more people aware of the ILUS coin. The community also plays a big part and we welcome all support.

From : Kemem_ipasAccording to the whitepaper 25.15 million are available for airdrops and staking of the total supply, what if the user sells it at a low price? How is the ILUS staking system, how much APR is provided for staking? Will the APR increase every decade?

James G,
As with any coin or trading platform it is down to the end user on when they want to sell the coin — these users are being rewarded for hodling. The staking system and APR has been carefully calculated and will be offset by the burn or buy back mechanism. This is through the preference shares being bought in the public company and the precentage of the returns from the lease contracts.

The saking os 15% is a special promotion and a way to incentivise people not to sell the coin for the first year. The APR will be set based on the preference shares and the lease contract burn rewards. This will also depend on the number of people staking / holding their coins.


From @Abdullah_AlabiThe ILUS Coin is the first known coin globally contributing towards making the world a safer place whilst simultaneously delivering rewards and upside to ILUS Coin holders. In what ways does this ILUS Coin make the world a safer place?

James G,
In today’s world, the need for more innovative fire and life safety technology is rapidly increasing. As global warming increases, wildfires are becoming more prevalent. Urbanization is constantly on the increase, causing an increase in building fires. Simultaneously, the increased use of electronic systems and components, automation and chemicals all brings with it greater risk of fire. Fire and Rescue services have to deliver increased protection, often with a decreased budget for the procurement of firefighting and rescue equipment.
Ilus International Inc. is a public company trading on the OTC in the United States. The company has developed and patented world leading technology that increases firefighting efficiency by using 63% less water which means that smaller, quicker and more environmentally friendly fire fighting vehicles can be used such as Ilus’ own range of rapid response vehicles which include its E-Raptor Electric Utility Vehicle. In addition, Ilus expects to release a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology for preventative surveillance of high fire risk areas and monitoring of fire incidents. The Ilus technology and vehicles are ideal for urban settings where responders have to deal with increased congestion and limited road access through pedestrianised areas.
Despite the increased need for innovative technology to assist in managing the increased fire risks and threats to life safety, most organisations are not capable of purchasing the essential lifesaving equipment without a creative solution to finance the technology. In many regions globally, a large portion of first responders are volunteers and there are also many private organisations that provide first responders on behalf of governments or not for profit organisations. Many of these groups are currently required operate with equipment which is outdated, less capable and inefficient.
This is where the ILUS Coin comes to the rescue. Through the Ilus Coin, this much needed equipment can be supplied to these organisations through Ilus who will manufacture and stock the equipment whilst continuing to develop additional innovative technology that will continue to increase performance, safety and efficiency.

From @aongkecolDo you have any youtube channel regarding this?… i want to know now more about it..☺️

James G,
Yes the youtube channel is: and we have Russian, Chinese and Arabic versions of the ILUS video for those of you that English isn’t you first language.

From @GenesitgemMost projects have to go through certain difficulties and challenges, what difficulties do you face and how do you overcome them?

James G,
Our first challenge was building the project on the Ethereum blockchain and then having to move to Binance Smart Chain. We can’t predict the way the blockchain space is moving and it is moving at such a speed.

We take every day as it comes and address the concerns of the community, the difficulties and the challenges as and when they come up.

We have a great marketing and community team that keep in touch with the development team to make sure everyone is engaged on what’s happening every step of the way. Communication is key and we are always listening.

From : @spaideruncleWhat is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you point out the strengths of your project that other projects do not have to attract investors?

James G,
In addition to the already stated tokenomics of the project which includes the limited supply, this project is the first known coin globally which is contributing towards making the world a safer place whilst simultaneously delivering rewards and upside to its Coin holders. Whilst the ILUS Group of Companies are involved in the manufacture and distribution of patented emergency response and life safety equipment and services globally, the ILUS Coin will enable this much needed equipment and services to be delivered to the countries and organisations which desperately need it, through innovative lease contracts. ILUS Coin holders will play a vital role in enabling ILUS customers to save lives and assets. Not only could coin holders benefit from the substantial social responsibility fulfilment, but coin holders may reap significant financial rewards too. Both rewards and dividends may be made available to ILUS Coin holders through income from leasing contracts and the growth of ILUS. So its the tokenomics, the social responsibility fulfilment, the rewards and the backing and stability of a public company with revolutionary technology that are a clear advantage for this project.

From : @lionel_AhmetCommunity is one of the backbone of every project especially the new project in crypto ecosystem. How do you value your community? What benefits will you provide to your community? Do you have any ambassador programs or referral program?

James G,
The Ilus coin community is really important to us. Holders will earn as much as 15% interest on your coin holdings and will be able to cause a positive impact on our world. The Ilus Coin community will also get the opportunity to vote in certain proposals to direct the future of the project.

Our door is always open, we want to reach as many people as possible. If you have good reach and you want to be a part of the Ilus team please feel free to reach out in the Ilus Community Group to one of our moderators. Stay safe and happy trading 🙂

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about ILUS COIN.

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