Here’s our 87th AMA recap!

Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with SIMLANCER June 16, 2021. This guest star,

  • Homer — CEO


Homer Simpson :
Hey, i am Homer, CEO of Simlancer

Could you please provide us with a simple description of Simlancer?

Homer Simpson :
Simlancer is blockchain Freelance platform, similar to fiverr. We stand out from other freelance platforms by not having a mandatory KYC, every user will get unique ID, payments for freelancing services will be managed through smart contracts, so there is 0% chance for any unsatisfied parties. We will include every type of jobs/tasks on our platform. Writing articles, web design, blockchain developing, web developing, marketing and so on

What makes Simlancer different? How does Simlancer do better than the competitors?

Homer Simpson :
1) privacy
2) we have our own token called SIM which is wealth of the platform, more freelancers working for us will have affect on the price of the token.
3) 0% chance of scam, when employer paus for freelance job/task, payment is sent to smart contract and is released after employer signs it off as completed, however if he is not satisfied Arbitrator (project team member) steps in and decides if feeelancer has done adequate work or not and based on that it will be decided if freelancer deserves pay or not, or if employer is unfair

Can you explain about tokennomics of SIM Token?

Homer Simpson :
Token Name: Simlancer

Token Ticker: SIM

Max Supply: 1 000 000 000

Presale 1BNB: 700 000 SIM

Listing 1BNB: 500 000 SIM

Presale 420 000 000 SIM

Pancakeswap listing 280 000 000 SIM

Team and developments 120 000 000 SIM

Marketing, exchange listing fees and partnerships: 180 000 000 SIM

Any additional explanation?

Homer Simpson :
420 000 000 tokens for presale will be sold at as IDO

And if anybody wants to participate it is suggested to get Drop tokens already so they can get allocation, there is high demand for it

Regarding security and transparency, how can you assure us that Simlancer is safe?

Homer Simpson :
Defidrop is serious launchpad platform which focuses on security, until listing we already passed Solid group and Hashex audits, official results will be announced soon. Our devs have 5+ year experience as blockchain developers and they are one of the best, 0 chance of any type of attack for our project

Can you please tell us the current Simlancer roadmap? How far has Simlancer been developed at this time? and what will you realize in the future?

Homer Simpson :
Our roadmap is full launch for Q3, adding Eth, Ada and Nano chains support, getting in many partnerships with not only crypto projects but also businesses who will hire freelancers through us, redesign of website, hiring more staff and many more


To register on Simlancer, you dont need to pass KYC, all users will have unique DIGITAL ID. So,can you tell us how does the Digital ID can be acquire in Simlancer? What kind of data needed to get digital ID? If KYC is not needed,how will you know better your clients or employees?

Homer Simpson :
You will need to register with your wallet, metamask for example, every wallet adress will generate new DIGITAL ID and then ofcourse you will be able to costumise your profile by adding photos names and so on

view total Supply of tokens $SIM 1 000 000 000,Pre-sale 420,000 000,Pancakeswap list 28 0000 000,Team and development 120,000 000 Marketing,Exchange listings, Partnerships 180,000 000 would you involve burning tokens which gives more incentives to users and what is the mechanism?

Homer Simpson :
At this point i dont prioritize thinking about burn because our token has fixed supply and sim tokens will have utility as payment for freelance services which has only 1.5% fee, any other cryptocurrencies used as fee will have 5%. We are going to increase demand on Sim tokens which will reflect the price

where you will make the presale ? on your website or something else ? and is there will locked liquidity ?

Homer Simpson :
We are doing our presale at, join their telegram from this link:

Liquidity will be locked for 1 year

Adoption is one of the important factors that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors’s eyes. What did Deeper do and plans to do to achieve real-world adoption?

Homer Simpson :
Our adoption will be utility im sure not everyone has full time job and im also sure everybody is good at something, so they can use Simlancer as their additional source of income without having to send their ID and Passport for verifications

on your whitepaper there was a workflow. and there was a some scenario. what is this mean ? i think it was so difficult to understand it. can you give me some example ?

Homer Simpson :
It basically means that there is 0% of scam because team will hire arbitrators who will doublecheck any scenario when employer or freelancer will have misunderstanding and male fair decision


@Sksky0Is this your project only for elite investors? How about is others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Homer Simpson :
Yes you can participate in presale even if you have small funds, there will be allocation for every type of investor

Join defidrop telegram

@AMBASHIFWhy did you choose BSC platform for development? In the future, do you have plans to expand or develop your system on other networks like Ethereum, Heco or Polkadot?

Homer Simpson :
Because right now Bsc is the most used chain, we gonna move to eth, ada and nano chains

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about SIMLANCER.

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