Here’s our 92th AMA recap!

Thank you to the Infinity Chain for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with LANEAXIS June 23, 2021. This guest star,

  • Alex Dolgov — Head of Consulting @PixelPlex


Alex Dolgov :
I am Alex Dolgov, Head of Consulting at PixelPlex — a Blockchain development company. We are the architects and developers of LaneAxis blockchain component.
I am heading this project

Can you give us a simple description of Lane Axis?

Alex Dolgov :
LaneAxis is a direct freight platform that allows direct contractual relationships between shippers and carriers. The platform allows shippers to book cargo transportation services directly, without brokers or any other intermediaries.

How does “FreightVISION” work? And what are the benefits for users?

Alex Dolgov :
FreightVISION is a mobile app that gives visibility to trucks that move cargo. It solves the problem of not knowing were your truck or cargo on it is, and allows direct communication with the driver. It is a part of the LaneAxis system. Done.
At the moment FreightVISION is only available in the US. Done.

Can you explain how fast and compatible the payment system from shipper to carrier is handled in the payment cycle for the carriers?

Alex Dolgov :
Unlike in traditional system, LaneAxis has a direct payment system that uses escrows. This ensures timely payments from shippers to carriers. It also uses stablecoin (USDC) and smart contracts, making the system even more robust. Done.

How do you assure us of the safety and transparency of Lane Axis?

Alex Dolgov :
The architecture of the system is designed with safety and transparency in mind. Smart contracts controlling most of the aspects of the system are available in public repositories, so anyone can verify them. The stablecoin solution used is fully regulated — USDC.

The privacy of the shippers and carriers is also protected by using collaterization of escrow smart contracts. Done.

About the Roadmap, what can we expect from Lane Axis in the near future, are there any new events coming up?

Alex Dolgov :
In the near future we will deploy information services, providing system stakeholders with information on waiting and detention times (how long to wait to off-load cargo), traffic congestion, fuel prices on the road, empty loads and many more. The platform will expand its geography. An advertising component will be added in medium to long term. All powered by AXIS token, that will serve as the exchange medium for these and other new services.


LaneAxis is developing the ability to connect to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), can you tell us what the advantages are and what benefits it will bring?

Alex Dolgov :
Electronic Logging Devices are monitoring devices that are installed on trucks. They are mandatory in many countries. Having them integrated offers great opportunities. It will create a new paradigm, whereby all trucks registered on LaneAxis are visible to the network. Think of it as IoT for trucks. FreightVISION fulfills a similar role, however it’s based on a ibile device and doesn’t record a lot of useful information ELDs do. This information will benefit all participants of the network and these benefits will ultimately reach consumers. Freight will be more efficient, and more green. Less empty miles, more value. Done.

What guarantees that between Shipper and the carrier will be transparent in all cargo transactions?What solutions do they have so they don’t transport illegal goods like drugs, marijuana,..?

Alex Dolgov :
This is a legal matter. There is no difference in resolving this question between LaneAxis and any other system. If someone breaks the law, the procedures how to deal with it are in place for centuries. Done.

LaneAxis is literally reinventing the way freight transport works in the US.” If I’m not mistaken, you are currently only focused on the US market. Is your target limited to the US market or will you follow a policy of expansion and expansion globally?

Alex Dolgov :
LaneAxis aims to be global. North America is just the beginning. Done.

What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from #LaneAxis the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage #LaneAxis ?

Alex Dolgov :
The first thing that comes to mind is integration of platform’s information services with third parties. Reports that the platform will generate will cover a wide range of subjects, from fuel consumptions and road congestion to road surface wear and tear. Also there is a great potential for various token trading integration, because for instance AXIS token consumers within the system will be using UNISWAP to buy and sell tokens and there will be many ways to use the token on the platform. Done.

To SURVIVE in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are far from the targets. What is Your project strategy to survive in this long blockchain marathon?

Alex Dolgov :
Our usecase is based on real economy. The trucks will keep on delivering goods, regardless BTC crashes. Platform users will need tokens to utilize the network and its information services. Done.


@dinchopHow will you attract potential users to your platform considering that it is powered by blockchain ?

Alex Dolgov :
Shippers and carriers receive very tangible monetary benefits from using LaneAxis versus going the traditional way.

@Edwards24Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yiekd farm or NFT in the future? Can share a little about your roadmap?????

Alex Dolgov :
The token will be listed on probit in a week.

@jonsonholderSir you have not talked about your website , neither got any link, Is it still in development phase?

Alex Dolgov :
LaneAxis has been in active development since 2015. The direct freight network platform is operational. We are layering on the blockchain component as we speak. Our web site is

@iizabila4Can you tell us about the your listing plan? Will it involve major exchanges, such as CEX and DEX..
So, what Type of Partnership are you looking for and what Value will RICHIE bring?

Alex Dolgov :
We are listing on probit on the 30th this month. Other exchanges will follow soon. We aim to be listed on top exchanges in the next 3 to 6 months.

@imran4441Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same.

Alex Dolgov :
This project is ongoing and has real economy consumers. It would be impossible to rug, because it’s all real, unlike someDeFi projects. It’s quite unique this way.

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about LANEAXIS.

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