Thank you to the Infinity Chain Club for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Flaming Farm on December 7, 2020. This guest star,

Flaming Farmer — CEO

Here’s our 20th AMA recap!

Flaming Farmer — CEO


Flaming Farmer,
Hi, im Flaming Farmer, Flaming Farm CEO, I have extensive background experience in the cryptocurrency space with around 4 years in it.
I decided to create Flaming Farm, because i saw many other farming projects failing, and i would like to change it.

Q1. Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you build Flaming Farm?

Flaming Farmer,
As i answered before im Flaming Farm CEO, im the brain of project, and my focus is im bringing a farming project that have stability in long term, i have experience as investor for a long time, and i was able to see a lot of weaks, that i wanna fix with Flaming Farm

Q2. Can you briefly describe what is Flaming Farm?

Flaming Farmer,
Flaming Farm is a unique proprietary deflationary yield farming protocol. When investors join liquidity pools on Flaming Farm, they automatically enjoy the network’s burning system.

1)Unique deflationary system under audit
2) Inbuilt swap feature
3) Progressively adjusted APY

Q3. What makes Flaming Farm different from other competitors?

Flaming Farmer,
We know many Farming projects enter in market for pump and dump without paying attention to security. But For us security is our top priority.

Flaming Farm is a 100% secure and trusted platform. Our smart contract will be audited soon by an audit firm.

And ofcourse our unique burning system that gonna guarantee a next level stability in long term.

Q4. What are the major milestones Flaming Farm achieved so far?

Flaming Farmer,
Flaming Farm got reviewed by Crypto Adventure and we are really grateful for this, many influencers are talking about it, and our community is growing day by day. We are currently in final phase of our Swap, governance, and last farming touches, token audit is already happening and soon we will have more news about this.

Q5. What are your further plans for Flaming Farm?

Flaming Farmer,
As our main long term objective is to see Flaming Farm being one of the more balanced Yield Farming projects, with a lot of new dapps and partnerships, to increase utility and community benefits, we have some ideas, and we are thinking too in inserting FFARM in gaming industry too in near future.


Q1. If the Minimum Burning rate in every transfer is 2.5%, but It will be adjusted as supply increase on $ FFARM. Do you expect total supply to increase? What is the number of tokens that should be in circulation under ideal conditions?

Flaming Farmer,
Flaming Farm platform is develop after alot of research.

We analyze that when each new token enters in market slowly decreases the token’s overall value. This decrease happen because the supply is increased without any neccessary demand.

Problems arise when you have tons of these tokens getting issued, and there is no burning system.

That’s why to deal with this issue and protect our investors funds we have a well planned burning system that will be adjusted along with increasing supply.

Let me explain it in detail, In Flaming Farm our total supply is 10000 with 2.5% burning rate. When farming supply will increase then burning rate will also increase approximately 0.5% when we hit 12k total supply. The burning rate will continue to increase 0.5% whenever supply will increase 2k.

So incrasing supply will not affect too much the FFARM value

Q2. After the $FFARM Pre-sale is over, what will be the next steps to follow? What will you focus on next?

Flaming Farmer,
After adding liquidity at Uniswap, rest of raised ETH will be used to pay all project expenses, future marketing and development.

Flaming Farm is a self funded project but the raised ETH will be used for future growth and to improve security with growth.

Q3. Only 495 of 900 $ETH from Presale and Private Sale will allocated for Uniswap liquidity. What will you do with the rest 405 $ETH? In near future, will you add Uniswap liquidity in order to attract investors to buy $FFARM?

Flaming Farmer,
We know many farming projects failed because they do not have experts in their team or lack funds.

But Flaming Farm has a talented team of more than 6 team members including marketing advisor ane developers. We are a self funded farming platform. All big marketing campaign have been planned and a lot of groups will cooperate with is, we are postive and satisfied with our marketing and development work. So we will not face any of these issues in future

If you search about FFARM then you will find our flaming farm is already making a noise in the crypto world

And missed something here, is something for project expenses, and future marketing and development 🤠🔥

Q4. The problem of development costs and the lack of programmers who understand blockchain technology, as well as the lack of security audits are often experienced by many platforms, how does FlamingFarm team solve this problem?

Flaming Farmer,
Thats true, and Flaming Farm started without raising any funds, and still developing, but we had some savings, and decided to start as a team, and right now we know that we did the right thing, and we are doing a huge step in security too. So ya thats how we solve this problem 🤠

Q5. When is Flamingswap launched, can we exchange all types of coins at Flamingswap and how do we register and make transactions on flamingswap, do we have to fill out our personal documents (KYC) so we can start transacting on flamingswap. ??

Flaming Farmer,
Flaming Swap is our own Dex and it is in final testing stage. It was created mainly because the fact that we dont need any other pool, when we have our own pool and with better rewards to our farmers.

Flaming swap feautures is almost the same of Uniswap. More info about Flaming Swap 1 day before launch.


Q1. @Tony253210

The Flaming Farm Presale is almost complete, just 2 days left so can you tell me what is the minimum and Maximum amount of FFARM tokens that can be purshared through the sale? Also when is gonna be the Official Public sale?

Flaming Farmer,
Good question, private sale thats what you mean, is currently live, minimum is 0.5 eth investment and all steps can be found in our channels

Q2 .@Shuvoapon4

All project’s coins have their main Utilities & real-life use! So, Can you tell us what the main role of your coin is in your ecosystem? Explain its Utilities & Real-Life use cases? and Why should i invest in your coin for the long term?

Flaming Farmer,
First of all, we are a mainly focus Farming Project, but ofcourse we wanna expand our horizons, and where in the future we wanna be, is in gaming industry

Q3. @Sahinsahinn

What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

Flaming Farmer,
We gonna allways share step by step how you can do it, we plan to do some videos too
3 answered

Good question, private sale thats what you mean, is currently live, minimum is 0.5 eth investment and all steps can be found in our channels

First of all, we are a mainly focus Farming Project, but ofcourse we wanna expand our horizons, and where in the future we wanna be, is in gaming industry

We gonna allways share step by step how you can do it, we plan to do some videos too

Q4. @Malfala

What is Flaming Farm focused on for the next few weeks of 2020? What are your plans? Is there another association?

Flaming Farmer,
For now is in Dex final development and our launch, enable farming, and continue our hard marketing work, analyse what could be good partnerships for us and for our community, and thats it

Q5. @leydiiiiiiiiiiii

As an investor & early adopter, I find it difficult to access/value a project in the short term & require longer periods of time to fully understand, recognise & value it. So, to help my understanding, can you tell me what plans are set in motion to add value to the FFARM tokens?

Flaming Farmer,
A lot of marketing, a lot of education, simplicity, and by providing every step public

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