Thank you to the Infinity Chain Club for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with YFIONE on November 29, 2020. This guest star,

Max Linx — Project Manager and Technical Support YFIONE

Here’s our 15th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here :

Max Linx — Project Manager and Technical Support YFIONE


Max linx,

My name is Max Linx, i am the project manager of YFiONE project. We are building YFO to be the god of #Defi ☺️
And i also manage both the YFiONE team and products to make sure everything is in order.

Q1. Starting with the very basics, can you provide a simple description YFIONE for our Community?

Max linx,
Well I have used this in so many AMA but the definition still looks great everytime 🙂

Yearn Finance + One”

YFIONE is a community driven DeFi-project, orchestrated in building several decentralized products with the aim of producing real Defi values to improve the YFIONE ecosystem.

YFIONE dedicates its efforts to systematically produce new Defi fledged products in One ecosystem to exponentially increase its value, growths and use case.

Imagine more than 1000 decentralized application linked to one Ecosystem powered by one Defi token (The YFO)

So YFiONE in that sense is bringing real value to yield farming. It’s synonymous to venture capital by empowering the decentralized interest-free financial ecosystem, with the aim to distribute revenues as profit shares (rewards) to the stakeholders.

All YFIONE products are linked by YFO Token to achieve the goal of the true meaning of decentralized finance

This ecosystem will be extremely large and continually grow into a completely decentralized system, that is the true meaning of Defi which YFiONE is bringing.


Q2. What sets YFIONE apart from other project that makes it stand ahead? what is unique about YFIONE?

Max linx,
YFiONE is unique in its own ways just like every other DeFi projects.

But why is YFiONE so different?

YFiONE proofs to be more distinct than other Defi Platform because of its broad visions which i will simplify.

YFiONE is a project that aims to build ‘several Defi applications’ from vague thoughts into completed Defi applications. And this can be simply by forking other Defi products or building from scratch.
And YFIONE is basically cutting across different sectors and industries.🚀

These applications that the YFiONE team will building won’t just be 2 or 3 but several of Defi products… Our intentions is on developing intuitive ‘platforms’ to help Defi get recognized by mainstream users, media, noncoiners breaking out of the shells of other defi BUBBLES . So this approach already makes YFiONE an unconventional Defi project.

Q3. Does YFIONE has its own token? Can you explain about the tokenomics and use-cases of this token? how much supply is available?

Max linx,

$YFO Token is a governance token of the YFiONE project. The token will be used to gain full access to all YFiONE DeFi products. Owners of this token will earn for utilizing it on our severally built DeFi products. Or just by hodling. So basically we built a “ONE” DeFi token with “ONE” Ecosystem to rule all Defi products.

is 20,000 $YFO and half of this supply is on sale to the public through the JUST CONCLUDD Presale event. More about the $YFO Tokenomics can be found on our website on, where you can learn about the team allocations and its token lock period.

The $YFO public offering will be conducted on a reputable Korea exchange and you can participate too if you want to hodl some of this tokens or make use our upcoming platforms.

You can acquire $YFO through our upcoming public sales only….(Note… that’s the only way… other ways are scam.)

Q4. Now that investors have adapted to the DeFi project, what is YFIONE view on this. how can YFIONE solve DeFi-related problems and convince investors that YFIONE is promising?

Max linx,
We are happy to be accepted by our investor community with their so much supports and ideas we get from them on a daily basis.

Our focus is still
👉 To dominate all Defi projects and platforms through our numerous defi products and rich ecosystem.
👉 Break out of the Defi bubble and create our own paradigm.
👉 Change the Defi game
👉 Make Defi easier to use with our improved user interface for seamless operations.

And our investors are happy with every move we’ve made so far, It maybe slow at the start but the end will yield more results. Our approaches are calculated for maximum results and i think our investors can always clinge to our words of building a better Defi Platform and products together.

Thank you.

Q5. Finally, can you explain the YFIONE roadmap now? Are all targets according to the current road map? and what are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Max linx,
Like i always tell everyone who ask this questions, most especially about our future endeavors and envisions.

The YFiONE team developmental process is rigorous.
We have been able to achieve even more than what we proposed on the website and on the Whitepaper.

Our schedule Roadmap was

- Planning and development of YFiONE.
- The first marketing campaign.
- YFiONE presale starts

Dec 2020
- Launch of the first YFiONE DeFi platform
- Start Listing on 3 reputable exchanges Uniswap, Bounce, 1inch.

👉 And i can tell you that our marketing was more than successful, with over 14k community members on our Social platforms in late October till now we launched that marketing. In less than 2 months 🚀

👉 We sold our first round of Presale within 2 hours , second round within 5 days and currently in our last phase which will end in no time.

👉 We’ve listed YFO in more than 7+ exchanges with more exchanges coming soon after Presale

👉 Two of our products are currently under several testings and will be launched in mid December.

👉 Our smartcontract has been sent to audit to show the community how safe the codes are, audit will be share on Sunday.

There are so much development going on that we don’t have all the time but vigorously focus to achieve our goals has been our motto.


Q1. The confidence level for the DeFi project is currently very low, How is YFiONE taking advantage of this?
And how can you attract investors who have used well-known projects?

Max linx,
Yes, it’s true that the confidence level of #defi projects is getting low, but we were able to sell out our Presale with our coordinated marketing, love of the community, partnership with reputable exchanges that gave us their full supports and for the trust the YFiONE team has built around the YFO ecosystem.

We hope to keep the momentum and build with this to even get more approbations from more crypto investors outside the Defi space 🙂

Q2. As investors we feel a lot of cases where projects dump tokens on
their communities / token holders, and exit without
fulfilling promises made. How can we be sure that YFiONE will not be like that?

Max linx,
Apart from the uniqueness that YFiONE project and team has shown even by locking their own team allocations for 5 months, our openness to the community can not be ignored.

Our goal is to make YFO succeed, partner with different defi project and expand even more. While writing the Whitepaper, exit scamming non dumping was never part of our plans and you can tell with how straight forward and determine we are with our motives, smartcontract and team work.

Thank you.

Q3. YFiONE will start by building 4 flagship ships decentralized financial application (Defi-Apps). What are the orientation of the four flagships to solve the complexity in the DeFi space?

Max linx,
Thank you.

The first 4 flagship dApps will cut across numerous industries and will be applied in several verticals such as

- Defi based DEX Development.
- Decentralized insurance applications.
- Decentralized staking platform.
- Cryptocurrency Wallet App.
- DeFi based lending/borrowing Platform.

After building our STAKING, SWAP, DEX,FARMING. We shall then proceed to other industries like providing insurance with our upcoming decentralized insurance applications.

These DEFi applications that will be built by the team will be so intuitive and seamless that even a non coiner with no prior blockchain experience can use it with no issues. And also one major problem we aim to eradicate using this dApps is the problem of low Liquidity which many projects has, and this will be solved through our ONESWAP and also high yield returns which will be solved by our staking ONE and ONE farming products through potential and beneficial partnerships.

Thank you 🙂

Q4. YFIONE partner is Ferrum Network, how will Ferrum Network generate profitability for the YFIONE Ecosystem? In addition, what other partners support the YFIONE project? what is the role of Ferrum Network in the YFIONE ecosystem?

Max linx,
Ferrum partnership with YFIONE is mostly on the staking side of things in order to use their technology and project to provide seamless staking flexibilit for our community with their unfiyre wallet for staking and still having the full custody of their $YFO, incase in some cases where one is too scared to stake directly on the platform or not wanting to have full trust on smartcontract.

So this partnership is orchestrated to break the barriers in when it comes to staking adoption….So that when our staking goes live, they won’t be a reason for you not to stake and earn.

Also we’ve had awesome partnerships with exchanges who showed us full support and some upcoming partnerships that we will go into, in this few days to come. Which will really change everything about YFIONE.

Thank you

Q5. Now $YFO can gained by only pre-sale and also there is no trading for $YFO now.When can we purchase $YFO from an exchange or swap a token to $YFO?Also could you please tell us about trading pairs that start in December with $YFO?

Max linx,
The YFIONE Presale is over and we are planning a public Presale on a Korea exchange very soon and we have the backing of a reputable and trusted Korea marketing teamto help us out l. This has never been done by a Defi project. We were looking at the moon before i think we will now be focus on Pluto when it succeeds😅🙂

So for the price of public sale which is 0.3 Eth is still being contemplated on, if to increase or reduce price for a maximum impact.

The YFO will start trading in late December on all supported exchanges and the line up is 1 exchange each day till January first. Thank you.


Q1. From @LLeeKuanYew

Hi maxLinxone,

Why is the project name “YFIONE”? Does it have any special meaning?

Max linx,
Yes, a very careful and selected name was chosen to match with our vision and pattern.

They say a good name is better than riches and that’s what stands for, only that on, we will have both good name and riches 🙂

So YFiONE is concatenated from the prefix YEARN FINANCE and a surfix ONE.

It simply means bringing or building all Yearn Finance products into a one rule ecosystem, using the YFO governance token for accessing this products.

Thank you.☺️

Q2. From @leydiiiiiiiiiiii

As an investor & early adopter, I find it difficult to access/value a project in the short term & require longer periods of time to fully understand, recognise & value it. So, to help my understanding, can you tell me what plans are set in motion to add value to YFIONE?

Max linx,
Holding an international passport is like a gateway to see the world right?

The YFiONE ecosystem will be comprised of several valuable defi products, not just 3 or 10….but 100+ and this products being defi inclined will be valuable. An ecosystem of many products with just ONE token to rule them all.

$YFO is the gateway to access these products on the ecosystem🙂

$YFO is so cheap at the moment but when we start implementating and launching this products, the ecosystem will be so valuable than BTC it self that holding 0.0003 $YFO might be valuable

So with time, holding just little $YFO can be more than holding YFI 😉
We know what we are building 🚀🚀

(Though this is not an investment advice, please do your own research) 💯

Q3. From @Prof_Rz

🌻Even the most successful crypto project has their weakness, Can You tell US the strengths and weaknesses of YFione? What is the star product of this project and how do you plan to make it known?

Max linx,
“Yes every project boasts of their strength but it’s clear everything has a weakness. But to be strong you need to hide your weakness. An army will never show any weakness even while they are afraid of their enemies. It takes courage to be bold, focus to attack and implementations to win and be victorious.”

Even the most successful crypto project has their weakness….. BTC….Eth…the high fee etc but the Army/community wil never let them down and that’s why we have shii here and there.

For YFiONE, our team is strong, our community is the strongest as of defi concerned.

What is our weakness? Unknown yet!!!!!

We don’t know at the moment but as time goes on, this will surface for sure but it’s left for our armies/community to defend us even as we build a better Defi world and patch those weekness to greatness all together with the community help 🙏.

Done and thank you for your great question.🚀

Thank you.

Q4. From @tsumannis

What is the ultimate vision that YFIONE is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? Obviously the whole space will experience huge growth in the upcoming years, but what role would you like YFIONE play in this?

Max linx,
First. We are not here to follow trends, please note that.🚀🚀✅✅

We are here to start a trend, how? by becoming that first ONE platform to rule everything DEFI with our $YFO to rule and use in accessing all our Defi YFiONE products.

We have a growing community and 3 majorly communities, Vietnamese, French,Chinese.
They might be an Ambassador program in the future but nothing is written on stone yet.
Our product is designed to be intuitive and seamlessly use to attract both crypto and non crypto users…our products will be highly used and valuable. This will keep investors for the long term.

👉 To dominate all Defi projects and platforms through our numerous defi products and rich ecosystem.
👉 Break out of the Defi bubble and create our own paradigm.
👉 Change the Defi game
👉 Make Defi easier to use with our improved user interface for seamless operations.

Thank you.

Q5. From @Rosane1a8

Security is really important and valued by users. Would you mention YfiONE security measures? How does it protect the funds pf users while using its Dapps?

Max linx,
Yes security issue matters and that’s why we are taking that into serious consideration and priority.

We have the best tech team who does series of audit on products and on our smartcontract, but we’ve taking further steps to keep our platform secure for our community by allocating security funds to help us keep our platform safer in the future, also we still give our codes to external bodies to take a look incase of any bug issues and ask for fixes….Infact #FundsAreSafu 😉😁

Thank you for trusting Infinity Chain Club as the organizer of the event today, hopefully everyone can understand about YFIONE.

Join our Telegram Group and you can talk directly with other Communities and enjoy some of the events that we created. We are always here to support.




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